2019 Hess Truck

This page is dedicated for the upcoming 2019 Hess truck. There are couple of years more until we see the Hess truck for 2019. According to Hess it usual takes about 2 to 3 years from concept to release for a Hess truck. Some Hess trucks have even taken about 6 years from design until it reached the market. So who knows maybe the 2019 Hess toy truck is already in the process of development as we speak. So this page is dedicated to sharing all the latest news and information as we receive about future 2019 Hess truck.

In the meantime, the newest Hess truck in the market are the 2018 Hess trucks. If you haven’t got hold of 2018 Hess truck, have a look at them below.

2018 Collector’s Edition First Hess Truck (1st October – Surprise Release)

2018 Hess truck

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2018 Mini Hess Truck Collection (1st June released)

2018 Hess mini

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2018 was a surprise year for Hess truck fans. We got 3 Hess toy releases instead of the usual 2 toy releases. You can find out more about it in our 2018 Hess truck page.

We will be trying to keep this page up-to-date with the latest information on this future 2019 Hess truck. In the meantime you might want to checkout 2018 Hess truck for the latest and new Hess truck details. You might also be interested in previous releases like 2017 Hess toy truck page and the 2016 Hess truck for details about last two years Hess truck.


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