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2016 Hess Truck Review: 2016 Hess Toy Truck and Dragster Racing Car Toy

Everyone eargerly waits for the announcement of the new Hess truck. Here is the much anticipation new 2016 Hess truck which was released for sale by Hess on 2016 November 1. It’s the 51st Hess truck in the complete Hess truck list. This 2016 Hess truck release features a Hess flatbed transporter truck and a dragster toy racing car. The oversized Hess Dragster racing car is the largest accompanying race car toy in history of Hess toy trucks.

2016 hess truck

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2016 Hess Toy Truck Commercial Ad Video

Before we go onto the details lets have a look at this new 2016 Hess truck from this official Hess commercial for this the 2016 Hess toy truck and car set.

This commercial video will give you a good idea about the Hess toy truck 2016. However it doesn’t tell you about the little interesting facts and features like the 50 lights hidden in this year’s 2016 Hess toy truck and dragster racing car toy set.

2016 Hess Toy Truck Facts & Features

hess truck 2016

The 2016 Hess flatbed truck alone is a very interesting and interactive toy truck. This Toy Hess truck is a mighty motorsport flatbed truck that is designed to transport the dragster toy racing car to any racing event. The truck is styled has got a green-accented white upper body and a solid green lower body. It is loaded with chrome detailing including a front grill, side panels, sunshield and exhaust pipes that make new modern trucks very mighty looking and attractive.

The most interesting feature in this flatbed truck for me is the hidden ramp that boasts a realistic slide-activated hydraulic sound. The racing car can be loaded and unloaded onto the truck bed using this hidden ramp just like in a flatbed tow truck. The truck cab houses 4 top-mounted buttons that activate 3 realistic sound effects. Pressing the buttons make ignition, horn, and an exciting race launch countdown sound effects. Then there are all the truck lights.

For a toy truck the Hess truck 2016 set has got a huge number of bulbs and lights. In total this Hess flatbed truck alone has 43 lights. There are headlights, tail and running lights. The lights work in flash or steady mode and headlights are super bright LED headlights. With so many features and detailing you can be sure this new Hess truck will be interesting and interactive to play with for kids and adults alike.

2016 Hess Dragster Racing Car Toy Facts & Features

2016 Hess car

The oversized Dragster racing car that comes with 2016 Hess truck is the largest accompanying Hess race car in the history of Hess toy trucks. This dragster is full of action with a innovative pull-back motor and tilt-activated weight transfer design. The advanced design allows you to launch this Hess racing car either a flat or wheelie position.

Like the truck this 2016 Hess car comes loaded with lights and detailing that makes it very interesting. It has got a detailing features like a chrome detailed hood-mounted air intake, a stylish spoiler, side exhaust pipes and rear parachute box. This car has 9 lights in total with super bright LED headlights so kids can have good fun even in the darkness.

Where can I buy 2016 Hess Truck?

When this Hess truck for 2016-2017 season was released it was for sale exclusively on the official Hess toy truck website – But due to popularity and demand it was sold out quickly much to the disappointment of late buyers. However thankfully it is still for sale on online stores like Amazon and Ebay. You can still get a brand new 2016 Hess truck on these online stores from sellers who bought it before it was sold out from Hess.

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    I would like to buy a truck for my grandson. He looks forward to them every year. He has the 2916 and would like a 2017.

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