15 Best Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas Comparison

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Do you keep finding toys lying outside your house on your deck, patio, garden or even on your driveway? This is a organisational challenge most of us parents face. I used to see this everyday when I get back home after work. My two little angels have left behind many toys outside our home.

However this is not solely the fault of our kids being kids. The thing is we simply need to provide some better outdoor toy storage facilities to help our kids and ourselves to keep outdoor toys organized. Working on this problem and researching about it I came across many solutions. Here are some of the very best outdoor toy storage ideas and products I have found to face this challenge.

Some of these outdoor toy storage ideas are creative suggestions and tips I learned from other bloggers and websites. Some are outdoor storage products I saw in shopping malls and online stores like Amazon. I compiled them all below to make this list of best outdoor toy storage ideas and products guide. It contains a comparison chart, followed by large photos of the idea and brief review about it. I hope it will help you keep the clutter of outdoor toys in check before it drives you crazy.

Best Outdoor Toy Storage Solutions Comparison

PhotoNameOur ReviewFind Products
Outdoor Deck Box Good for storing toys, balls, sport items and soccer shoes, doubles up as seating too
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Toy Parking LotsMark parking spots for kids ride-on toys, tricycles, bicycles, Power Wheels etc. Can also add picture labels on walls to match parking spot
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Toy Storage Organizer with Primary Color Plastic Bins Good for Small/mediam outdoor toys, very organized and easy to access, removable toy bins can be taken away with toys to play and returned, attractive colors for kids, rganized, can use in garage, shed or sheltered outdoor space
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Mesh Basket Organizer Large Toy Storage Bins in Garage, Shed etc. All kinds of toys and kids stuff can be dump here. Easy to find and take out
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Steel Framed Outdoor Canopy ShedsCanopy tent shelter garages for large toy ride-ons , Power Wheels, motorbikes and other large outdoor toys
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Outdoor Storage Benches (for toys and seating)For storing toys and seating, large capacities under seat to store toys and kid stuff
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Vertical Outdoor Storage CabinetsSpace saving, cheaper alternative to outdoor toy shed, shelves for storing toys in a organized manner. Can be kept outdoors, in a garage or shed.
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Outdoor Storage Sheds For Large ToysCan store largest toys and kids stuf to smallest. Frees garage, garden shed and house from toy storage
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Outdoor Privacy ScreensEasy solution to hide away toy mess outside. Large, awkward toys, rideons, bicycles, sand/water tables etc can be hidden from visitors, keep your beautiful garden views clean
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Hang Plastic Crates on Fence, Outdoor wallsCheap, innovative outdoor storage for toys. Loved by kids, admired by visitors, quick to implement and easy to use even for preschoolers
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DIY Setup of Sturdy Rack With Steel BucketsA Do-It-Yourself toy storage project idea, Need a sturdy rack, steel buckets. label buckets with toy type (sand toys, water toys etc.), Easy to take away & return different toys with bucket
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Garage/Wall Shelves with Bike HooksSpace saving storage idea, Good for older kids stuff, little ones need parent assistance
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Space Saving Outdoor Bike Storage, Garden Storage and Pool StorageA tent style, portable storage shed, good for bikes, ride-ons, Power Wheels
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Play Mat Foldable Toy Storage Bag & Floor Mat, Toy Organizer Easy to take small toys in and out of house, Works as play mat, toy storage and transport solution for small toys/lego blocks. Good for indoors & outdoors
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Stackable Plastic BasketsUse stack-able baskets like this to create a toy shelf in a garage, shed or sheltered outdoor corner, Backets can be labeled for toy type.
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Top Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas Reviews

If you are like me you don’t want to fill the garden shed with toys where you have to deal with them every time you want to get out the lawn mower or garden tools. So without much ado, here are my best outdoor toy storage ideas and solutions for hiding this toy clutter outside. They will greatly help your family avoid outside clutter, stay organised and also have quickest access to any outdoor toy when needed and easily store away them when finish.

However from experience and my research for this article I know there is no one clear all-in-one solution for all our outdoor toy storage needs. You can get the best results for storing outdoor toys by implementing a combination of the ideas and products I share below according to your place, toys and preference.

Toy Wall Rack with Bike Hooks (in Garage/Shed)

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This is a very popular garage storage idea but as you can see in this picture it makes a great outside toy storage solutions as well. You can store kids toys in boxes on the shelf and hang bicycles, prams, tennis rackets and other kids stuff. Only drawback smaller kids will need grown-up or their older siblings assistance to store away their toys. Good for older kids and parents to store little ones toys. The overhead rack could be used to store other stuff as well or as a garage attic. This is a great space saving storage idea.

Toy Storage Organizer with Primary Color Bins (in Garage/Shed)

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Toy storage organizer racks like this which have removable bins work great for storing toys in a organized, easy to access manner in a garage, shed or outdoor area with a hood. The plastic bins can be taken away with the toys and returned after playing. You can have one of this inside your garden shed or garage. Better yet, add labels to the bins to indicate which toys goes in which bins. You can have different bins labeled or marked for “balls”, “sand toys”, “water toys”, “gardening tools”, etc like we saw in the below steel rack and bucket toy storage idea for outdoor toys. The toy storage rack in the photo here is a best selling toy boxes in the market today.

DIY Steel Rack with Buckets for Outdoor Toys

outside toy storage
Organizing Outside Toys: By Domestic Charm

This is a lovely outdoor toy storage idea to do it yourself. All you need is few buckets, a sturdy rack that can withstand the weight of toys and a few stickers to label each bucket. When kids want to use some toys they can just take the entire bucket to the place where they play with it and bring it back after playing with the toys. No more leaving toys behind or looking for something to carry toys to the pool or sandbox.

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Flodable Toy Storage Bags & Picnic Mat For Tiny Toys

Kids love to take small toys outside and play with them. When I go home after work, I always see all kinds of little toys and LEGO blocks lying around outside our home garden and patio. That’s how I got this idea for toy storage bags.

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This kinds of toy storage bags can be used to keep the clutter from outdoor the house as well as indoors. Kids can use these bags to easily carry out their small toys to play outside on this storage bag that turns into a picnic mat on the garden or porch floor. When they are finish bundle up the mat into a bag back it goes with the small toys pieces into the playroom inside the house. Not many small toy pieces will be lying around your house or garden after implementing this technique. These bags are very cheap and worth keeping a few at hand for storing different kinds of toys and one for each little one.

A bag like this can also be used for indoor toy storage. It’s easy to put small toys like building blocks, Lego blocks, toy kitchen set pieces etc. in a bag and then store it in a larger toy chest or inside a cupboard.

Hanging Baskets & Crates On Fence

You can also hang Milk Crates on your fence or outdoor walls. Showing and telling kids to put outdoor stuff, toys and other play things into it works well. They naturally like putting things into something hanging on a fence because its like dropping something into a basketball net.

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Stackable Baskets

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You can use stack baskets like these for storing outdoor toys. Stack baskets are narrow enough to fit against a garage or shed wall with blocking parking or other uses. No lids or latches means easy, quick access even for preschoolers. You can create your own system with printed out labels on the baskets so everyone knows which toys goes in which basket.

Toy Parking Lot

For ride-on toys, bicycles, electric cars and other large toy vehicles you can adapt this method. You can make a section of your garage like a mini parking lot. You can see this toy storage idea in action in pho.

outdoor toy storage
Toy Parking Lot: By Useful Beautiful Home via Organizing Junkie

Corresponding picture labels in the wall improves this idea and assists little ones (who can’t read) in returning the toys to their designated places. Kids love matching toys to its parking lot. It can even turn into a game for them.

If you use a garden shed or buy one of the above mentioned large garden shed for storing toys, you can still mark spots for different toy vehicles. This will keep even the inside of a garage or shed better organised.

Outdoor Privacy Screens To Hide Toy Mess

Not all toys may fit in your outdoor storage containers or sheds. You can use outdoor privacy screens like this to hide large ride-on toys, tricycles, over-sized balls, water and sand tables out of view. They are good at hiding the toy mess from your beautifully landscaped garden, lawn views or spilling all over your outdoor spaces. These outdoor privacy screens are available in many different contemporary designs, colors and sizes. So they look great in any space and can be placed anywhere such as a garden corner, patio or side of your house. Good solution when you don’t want kids stuff out in the open.

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Pool Toy Storage

Coming soon. Will be adding ideas for storing pool toys in this section.

Garage Wall Peg Storage

Coming soon. Will be adding ideas on garage wall peg storage in this section.

The Bottom Line

That concludes my list of best outdoor toy storage ideas and solutions comparison. Hope you liked this guide and found it useful. We love to hear from you. Which idea to you like best? Have you got any ideas we missed? I look forward to read your experience and thoughts on about how to store outdoor toys via the comment section below.

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