5 Best Bruder Fire Truck Toys Reviews and Comparison

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Bruder fire truck toys are very interesting with lots of features and room for imaginations. Bruder Toys fire trucks are very large, very realistic and are made to high quality German standards. So they are fun to play and kids just love them.

Top Bruder Toys Fire Truck Comparison Table

Here is a comparison of those different Bruder fire trucks for sale in the market currently. It will help you compare the different fire truck’s looks, sizes, age groups, against each other and decide which is best for you. All three are very impressive toy fire trucks. They are fun to play with and make memorable gifts for a lifetime. No kid who gets one of this great Bruder fire trucks will ever forget it in his/her lifetime.

ToyNameDimensionsAge GroupPrice
Bruder Mack Granite Fire Engine with Water Pump editors choice27.9 x 8.1 x 11.4 inches (ladder extends to 47 inches)3 - 15 years
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Bruder MAN Fire Engine Toy Truck best buy18.5 x 6.9 x 9.5 inches4 - 8 years
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Bruder Scania R-Serie Fire Engine with Water Pump 27.9 x 8.1 x 11.4 inches (ladder extends to 47 inches)3 - 15 years
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Bruder MB Sprinter Fire Engine with Ladder Water Pump and Light/Sound Module20.2 x 7.4 x 10.5 inches3 - 10 years
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Bruder 62701 bworld Set - Firestation w Land Rover Defender Truck, Fireman and Accessories15.35 x 8.66 x 7.68 inches4 - 15 years
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Bruder Fire Truck Toys Reviews

Currently Bruder toys has got three different Bruder fire engine toy models for sale in the market. All three models are equally impressive and detailed. But the Bruder MAN Fire Engine is the probably the best toy fire truck today. It is also the most sold Bruder fire truck model because of its lower price point than the other two.

However Bruder Scania Fire truck toy model is large and probably the most interesting and best pick of all the three. Bruder Mack toy Fire truck has a unique style of its own and is also quite popular. Both Scania and Mack fire trucks have are quite larger and have many features not found in the Bruder Man fire truck like opening doors, and already attached retractable stabilizer legs. These features and constructions account for their higher cost.

Bruder MAN Fire Engine Toy Truck

toy fire truck Bruder Man fire truck is a very impressive toy fire truck. Its a bit expensive but worth the price for all its features. Everything works great with pop on the stabilizing legs, cranking out the crane ladder to move it and reach the tallest points to tilting the truck cab forward to reveal a detailed engine. The telescopic and height-adjustable crane ladder unit can be swiveled 360 degrees.

There is also a locking mechanism for the hook. Plus the Bruder light and sound module that comes free with this cab produces a realistic siren sound like in a real fire truck. It has also got a integrated water tank that can be filled. So our little fire fighters can even shoot water from its hose. This toy fire truck will manage to impart a great deal of fire fighting experience and knowledge to everyone

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Made in Germany

Bruder Scania R-Serie Fire Engine with Water Pump

Bruder toy Fire truck The Bruder Scania Fire toy truck is the most interesting and best of all three Bruder fire trucks. Its quite a big toy truck measuring 27 inches in length which is makes it over two feet long. When the fire ladder is extended like shown in the picture it makes it even bigger. The ladder extends to over four feet in height and is easy enough for even a small kids to work it. Unlike many other toy fire trucks in the market today these Bruder fire trucks have a fillable water tank. Our little fire heroes will love filling it with water and shooting them with the fire hose.

The Bruder Scania fire truck is quite a bit more expensive than the Bruder Man fire truck. The reason for that is the Scania fire truck is not only bigger but has more features and does more than the Bruder Man fire toy engine. Bruder Scania fire truck’s doors can be opened, the stabilizers are attached to the body and retracts into the sides of the truck.

Bruder Man truck doesn’t have functioning doors and its stabilizer legs are stored in the back. Its definitely preferred to the Bruder Man fire truck. But both are excellent toy trucks and make memorable gifts of a lifetime. Who wouldn’t remember a large, fully functional toy fire truck like this?

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Bruder Mack Granite Fire Engine with Water Pump

Mack fire truck toy Last but not least in our list is the Bruder Mack Granite Fire Engine with Water Pump. This truck is a very large fully functional toy fire trucks as they come today. Size wize its about 2 feet in length. Fully extend the extendable ladder and its as tall as an average fight year old kids. So its huge size coupled with its many functions makes this Bruder Mack fire truck a instant hit.

Like the Bruder Scania truck this has got lot of similar functions. So if you are looking for fire truck toys with several working functions like long extendable ladders, opening doors, fill-able water tank and operatable water hose then this is the truck for you. Its a real miniature water shooting toy fire truck for kids to have fun and create memories for a lifetime.

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