10 Best Large Toy Box Reviews & Comparison Guide

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Are you looking for a large toy box to store toy trucks, dolls, cars and all those toys your kids got? How large a toy box are you looking for? Here are some of the best large toy boxes for sale in the market today.

Finding toys to fill a toy box is much easier than finding them in the dark when you step on them. So get your organization started with one of these simple, yet spacious best large toy boxes.

Best Large Toy Box Comparison

Big toy boxes are available in many different sizes, shapes, brands, and models. So we compiled this comparison table to help you narrow down the field and find that perfect toy box. Below you can this comparison of the best toy boxes. The top toy boxes for sale listed here range from around fifty to two-hundred dollars. Check the Amazon link for the latest prices of these these top toy storage boxes.

Toy BoxNameStorage CapacityDimensionsPrice
Little Tikes Primary Colors Toy Chest top pick6 cubic feet23.2L x 38.4W x 22H inches

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Little Tikes Bright 'n Bold Toy Chest - Green/Blue editors choice6 cubic feet22 x 38.4 x 23.2 inches
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Badger Basket Barrel Top Toy Box, Cherry
by Badger Basket
N/A31 x 17 x 19 inches
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Step2 2-in-1 Toy Box and Art Lid, Tan
(See Blue Box, Red Box or Pink Box)
4.5 cubic feet19 x 30.5 x 19 inches
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Step2 2-in-1 Toy Box and Art Lid, Pink top pick4.5 cubic feet19 x 30.5 x 19 inches
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KidKraft Austin Toy Box Espresso (Available in White, Natural, Honey, Cherry, Espresso, Pink and Vanilla)-30 x 18 x 19 inches
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Sauder Pogo Bookcase/Footboard, Soft White Finish (available in Salt Oak wooden finish)N/A15.5 x 43.1 x 33.5 inches
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Humble Crew Kids' Toy Storage Organizer with 12 Plastic Bins (Available in more colors)-34 x 11 x 31 inches
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Step2 Lift and Roll Toy Box3 cubic feet 27.5 x 20.8 x 19.8 inches
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Personalized Modern Touch Toy Box For Girls - White with Custom Font ChoicesN/A30.55 x 18.27 x 19.6 inches
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Top Large Toy Boxes Reviews

Consider few points when choosing the best toy box for your child. The most important points to remember are your child’s age, the number, size and type of their toys and any room space restrictions that might apply. The toy chest also needs to be durable and well designed with child safety in mind. Some toy boxes are gender specific while others have a gender neutral style and color scheme. So pay attention to the gender and also that the toy storage box you buy matches the color scheme and decor of the room you plan to keep it.

Compared to the prices of some of the good toys today, the price of even the very high-end and most expensive toy boxes here is a bargain. After all a toy box is a large and rather long term investment. So it is worth to get the best toy box you can.

Best Little Tikes Toy Box Models

The Little Tikes Toy Boxes are the most popular toy boxes for sale today. They come in two models. This Red/Blue box is called “Little Tikes Primary Colors Toy Chest”. It has a bright red box body with a blue lid and two blue removable bins to slide underneath at the bottom.

large toy box

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This second Little Tikes toy box is the, “Little Tikes Bright ‘n Bold Toy Chest“. It has a white box and Blue/Green lids and bins. Both boxes are the same size.

toy storage chest

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These Little Tikes toy boxes measure 23.2L x 38.4W x 22H inches. They have six cubic feet of storage space within them. So even the largest toys can easily be stored within it. The boxes are constructed using solid plastic which makes them very durable and easy to clean. They are also lightweight and easy to move.

The two removable bins at the bottom of the chest can hold smaller toys and kids stuff for better organization. These small bins are great for blocks, matchbox cars, small dolls. So kids don’t have to dig out all the big toys to get the smallest toys that usually end up at the bottom of the box. The main lid detaches for safety which is great if your child climbs in and can’t get out. These two small bottom bins make another reason to buy these.

Best Large Wooden Toy Box Models

Wooden toy boxes are more rich and blends with well with a rooms decor than a plastic toy box. It is also enviornmentally friendly and naturalness has a certain affinity with our inner self, taking us closer to nature. So
if you are looking for a large wooden toy box below our some of the best wooden toy boxes for sale currently in the market. These wooden toy boxes tend to add richness. They last longer than many of their counterparts as their looks adapt well as your kids grow up. They are more of a permanent addition to your household furniture. So you might want to pay particular attention to style and quality.

Lipper International Toy Chest, Pecan Finish

wood toy chest

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This is another good kids toy chest that doubles as a bench for extra seating. It comes from Lipper International and measures 33.3 by 18.5 by 24 inches. The box is constructed out of durable hard wood with a good wooden finish. It’s not that heavy either, which lets you move carry and move it around easily.

The box has air holes for safety in case your kids decide to use it for hide-n-seek games. These air-holes shows the manufacturers experience and attention to providing a great product. Assembly is required. Box maintenance is easy, you can just get a damp cloth and some mild soap if needed and wipe it clean.


That concludes our best large toy boxes reviews and comparison guide. All of these best toy storage solutions can be ordered through the Internet and delivered to your door step. We hope you found our comparison and reviews useful to find that perfect big toy box for your children’s toys.

We went put a lot of research to finding the best toys storage solutions for every kind of needs. From our experience its easier to find a good toy storage box for indoor use than find a outdoor toy storage solution. There is lot less parameters to consider. Nevertheless it can be tough deciding all so many models and types of boxes presented.

We love to hear your ideas and thoughts. Which toy box do you like most? Feel free to leave your ideas and experience with toy boxes in the comments below.

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