2020 Hess Truck – News & Updates

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This page was dedicated for the 2020 Hess truck right back from 2018. Many of us were looking forward to the Hess toy truck for 2020. Going with tradition of recent years we expected the 2020 Hess truck to be released on 1st of November 2020. However Hess company released the 2020 Hess truck earlier than ever before, on 22nd October 2020!

2020 Hess truck
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This is the 2020 Hess Truck. Officially called the Hess Toy Truck 2020 Ambulance and Rescue. It is sold out in many online websites, but I came across it still available for sale at Amazon here #ad.

(While we waited for the 2020 Hess truck, many fans enjoyed the time with the 2019 Hess truck which was the latest Hess truck available at the time. You can also checkout all the old Hess toy trucks starting from 1964 in this full list of Hess trucks)

What Will 2020 Hess Truck Look Like?

No one knows for sure what the 2020 Hess truck will look like. It is a closely guarded secret of Hess Corporation. But as we speak the 2020 Hess is probably in the design stage.

According to Hess corporation it usually takes about 2 to 3 years from initial concept until a Hess truck is released to the market. But some Hess truck models in the past have even taken around 6 years from concept to final release for sale. So even if there’s two more years, most probably the 2020 Hess toy truck is already in the process of development as we speak.

Hess corporation normally releases a toy vehicle representing one of their company vehicles. Since Hess is a oil company in past most of their Hess trucks have been some kind of toy truck like fire trucks, fuel trucks, flatbed trucks, or oil tanker ships. But over the years they have diversified the Hess toy range and some very interesting Hess trucks have come out. Some of them included helicopters, space shuttles, and monster truck toys. (See complete list of Hess trucks for full range of Hess toy trucks released since 1964) Some past Hess truck toys were so popular, they have disappeared into collections and become very rare. Those Hess trucks are eagerly sort after by collectors and fans.

What do you think the 2020 Hess truck will be? Comments below are open to share your guesses and secrets on 2020 Hess truck. Take a shot 🙂

So, What’s the latest Hess Truck?

In the meantime, the latest Hess toy truck in the market is the 2019 Hess trucks. If you haven’t got hold of 2019 Hess truck, have a look at it below.

2019 Hess Truck (1st November 2019 Release)

2019 Hess truck

The Hess 2019 Toy Truck is this Hess Tow Truck Rescue Team (Check at Amazon #ad).

2019 Hess Mini Truck Collection Set(June 2019 Release)

In addition to the annual holiday season full size Hess toy truck, for the last decade or so Hess also releases a smaller toy truck or set of mini Hess trucks. In 2019 also they release one in June. Here is the 2019 Hess Mini truck set.

2019 Hess mini truck

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2019 Hess mini truck set comprised of small scale replicas of past full sized Hess Trucks from 1975 (Box Trailer), 1996 (Emergency Truck) and 2011 (Toy Truck & Race Car)

We will try to keep this page up-to-date with the latest news and updates about the 2020 Hess toy truck. In the meantime, you might want to checkout the older Hess truck list for the historical Hess trucks series and trends. We also have a 2019 Hess truck page where we share news about the Hess toy truck released for 2019. Like we look forward to the 2020 Hess truck, we’ll also be keeping an eye for the 2021 Hess truck which going by tradition will hopefully be released on 1st November 2021.

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  1. I hope you have a regular 2020 Hess truck besides the plush ( which I already bought ). I can’t disappoint my grandkids.

  2. The 2020 Holiday Hess Truck should be something futuristic which shows change in the Hess Company years from now nothing to toyish just kinda some of the past into what’s now with with new tech of the future, that should produce an amazing truck even if the price is a bit more I think it will be worth it cause it’s been a long time with these trucks and now is the time for HESS to really go all out and impress us all…SHOW US HESS

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