10 Best Toy Garbage Trucks For Kids Comparison

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Kids love toy garbage trucks because it is something they see every day. They watch with fascination the garbage trucks that come to the house to collect garbage. The way garbage is lifted into it and crushed making a loud noise is an amazing thing to their little mind. Garbage trucks which are often overlooked and taken for granted by grownups are spectacular machines for kids that leaves their mark in children’s imagination.

Best Toy Garbage Trucks Comparison

Garbage toy trucks are available in all shapes, sizes, brands and models. So we compiled this guide to help you narrow down the field and find that perfect garbage truck toy for your kid or as a gift to a love one. Below you can view a comparison of the top rated toy garbage trucks and reviews for them.

PhotoNameDimensionsRecommended AgePrice
Bruder Toys 03761 Man TGS Side Loading Garbage Truck best buy21. 25 x 7. 5 x 10 inches4+ Years
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Bruder Toys Mack Granite Garbage Truck editors choice27.4 x 7.3 x 10.4 inches3 - 15 Years
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Dickie Toys Light and Sound Garbage Truck top pick16 x 5 x 8 inches3 - 15 Years
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Matchbox Garbage Truck 15" Large Scale, Sound FX Matchbox16 x 6.5 x 10 inches3 - 7 years
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Lena Powerful Giants Garbage Truck28(L) x 11(W) x 14(D) inches3 - 7 Years
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Green Toys Recycling Truck (Best Pick for Toddlers)15 x 6.2 x 7 inches1 - 10 Years
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Bruder Toys Roadmax Garbage Truck for Toddlers 18 x 9.2 x 7.7 inches2+ Years
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Bruder Scania R-Series Garbage Truck 24.4 x 7.3 x 10.4 inches3 - 10 Years
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Bruder Man Tgs Rear Loading Garbage Green/Yellow Vehicle20 x 7.3 x 8.5 inches3+ years
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Matchbox Stinky the Robotic Garbage Truck13.5 x 9 x 12.4 inches3 - 7 Years
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Garbage Truck Toys Reviews

As it is a gift to a child, you want to get the best toy garbage truck. Therefore go for quality over quantity and reasonable priced one than a cheap one. Today there are enough and more toys for sale from thousands of manufacturers. There may be toy garbage trucks which are very cheap and you can get two or three instead of one good quality product but that is not satisfactory.

While these toy trucks are fun to play with they also improve eye-hand coordination skills in kids. They can also be used to encourage responsibility of cleaning after them and importance of environmental friendliness. You can use these toy garbage trucks to encourage kids to pick up things left behind. It will be interesting and fun for them to pickup their small toys, LEGO blocks and matchbox cars left lying around using the garbage bins and garbage containers. They will love the play and learn to clean up what they leave around.

Bruder Toys Mack Granite Garbage Truck (Ruby Red Green)

toy garbage truck This Bruder Mack garbage truck is not only a great toy garbage truck but also a collectors dream. It’s one of more than ten Bruder Mack truck models, made to exact scale of the real Mack Granite series trucks and trailers. This one is also bigger measuring 27.4 x 7.3 x 10.4 inches in dimensions, making it one of the largest garbage truck toys in the market today.

The truck’s garbage container can be tilted and also be opened. The garbage press really works and the trash can even be pushed out by turning a handle. So its very interactive toy garbage truck. It also has more functions like the engine hood that opens to reveal the truck engine, doors that open and mirrors fold out.

Bruder recommends it for kids aged 36 months to 15 years. This is one of the most expensive toy trash trucks so I would recommend it for kids older than 5 years who understands the value of its intricate parts and real functions. It’ll also make a great gift to any adult who owns or loves Mack trucks.

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Lena Powerful Giants Garbage Truck

garbage truck toy This is a very large and sturdy trash truck toy with realistic trash truck actions and functions. Well over two feet in length, it is the largest and probably the best toy garbage truck in the market today.

This toy truck is made from UV-protected plastic so the vibrant colors won’t fade even after hours of outdoor play in the sun. The toy truck is also very strong, with the ability to withstand 220 lbs of body weight. So no damage even if a large adult sits or stands on it.

Price is bit expensive, but due to its jumbo size and durability will make a great toy or present to a love one. Best for children age 3 years and up.

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Bruder Toys MAN Side Loading Garbage Truck Toy

best garbage truck toy This Bruder side loading garbage truck is probably the most sold toy garbage truck in the market today. It is Made in Germany to high quality standards by Bruder Toys, who are very famous for making very realistic truck toys. This Bruder garbage truck is modeled after the real MAN Garabage truck you see on American roads.

This Bruder garbage truck measures 22.83 x 7.68 x 11.22 inches in size, which makes it more than one and a half feet in long large garbage truck for kids. The truck is made out of fade-resistant, high-quality ABS plastic, with no glue or screws and is recommended for children aged 36 months to 12 years.

Apart from its size and realistic details, it has also got lots of functions that encourages imaginative play in kids. Kids can use the working grappler arm to unload each of the included Bruder garbage bins into the truck body. Then using the screw extruders, kids can move the contents to the back of the trash container. There is also a lift gate that opens and locks in place. The truck’s trash container can be tilted up to dump the contents.

More features like threaded tires, folding mirrors adds makes it a very high-end, realistic toy recycle truck. Checkout more pictures of this Bruder garbage truck that shows its features and functionality in its Amazon sales page link below.

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Tonka Mighty Motorized Garbage Truck

tonka garbage truckTonka and toy trucks are almost synonymous. Tonka is world famous for their Steel built and highly durable Tonka dump trucks. But they also make quite a lot of other types of toy trucks including toy recycling trucks for kids.

This Mighty Tonka Garbage Truck is currently there best garbage truck toy. It’s big garbage toy truck that measures 19.8 x 16.4 x 21.2 inches in dimension. Features include a motorized front power arm for up and down motion and Hyper-Lighting. There are levers on the side of the truck that control the front power arm and sounds the horn. Kids can also smash the trash and open the back door for access.

According to Tonka this truck is built using a sturdy, high quality plastic. Though sad it’s not steel, this Tonka garbage truck is still quite sturdy build according to customers and worth checking out.

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Dickie Toys Light and Sound Garbage Truck

large garbage truck toyThis orange toy garbage truck comes from Dickie Toys. The truck has got a moving fork with a dustbin and a trailer that can be tipped. So its very functional and will encourage imaginative play in your kids. Light and sound effects gives it a more realistic feel and a multifaceted play experience.

The truck built sturdy build to last longer. The size is more than a foot long at 16 x 5 x 8 inches. The lights work with two AA batteries.

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MatchBox Stinky The Robotic Garbage Truck

matchbox garbage truckThis is Stinky the Robotic Garbage Truck from Matchbox toys. It is one toy that got very famous in the last few years. The toy truck is very advance and is a very futuristic toy truck. Stinky can be a toy garbage truck or a robot like in the Transformers movie. With a touch of a button, the garbage truck converts into a funny talking and singing robot which makes kids wide age range find extremely interesting.

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Green Toys Recycling Truck

toy trash trucksThis Green Toys Recycling truck one of the most featured toy garbage truck for sale in the market. It is called the Green Toys Recycling Truck and is made from 100% curbside-collected recycled plastic milk jugs. The idea behind this toy is to help kids to learn recycling basics at a early age while playing with this garbage transport truck.

This is quite large garbage truck and very durable. There aren’t any sharp edges so either. Great for a push and pull garbage truck for toddlers and smaller kids. They love filling it and playing with it.

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Bruder Toys Roadmax Garbage Truck

toy recycling truckThis toy truck is part of Bruder Toys Roadmax series which features more durable Bruder trucks for toddlers. So this Bruder garbage truck can handle the rough play expected from toddlers and smaller kids while giving them the joy and experience of playing with garbage trucks.

This toy truck features more bright primary colors to suit the likes of toddlers. The functioning oversize components make it easy to grasp and play with for their little hands. Smooth edges will prevent cuts and bruises. Roadmax garbage truck is made of durable, fade resistant plastic and measures approximately 16.5 inches long, 7.7 inches wide and 9.5 inches high. Its completed with threaded rubber tires, a truck cab that can be opened and closed.

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Bruder Toys Man Garbage Truck Rear Loading Green

garbage truck toysThis Bruder Rear Loading Garbage truck is another very popular toy recycle truck from Bruder Toys. Modeled after the real Man trash trucks it features a hinged carrier plate to unload the garbage bins. 2 trash bins are included with this truck.

Kids can unload their trash from the bins into the back of the truck. Then they can move the trash to the main storage section for transport by spinning its screw extruders. The trash container can be tilted, lift the gate opened and dump the garbage outside.

This recycle toy truck also allows you to tilt the truck cab and fold the mirrors. With this kind of realistic functionality your kids can have a grand time playing with it. This Bruder garbage truck measures 17.7 x 6.9 x 8.7 inches and is recommended for 3 years and up.

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Bruder Garbage Trucks

Bruder Toys is one of the top toy truck brand we often recommend. They have some of the most interesting toy trucks including toy garbage trucks for sale. Their truck toys are realistic looking detailed scale models of the real trucks. For instance you find these cute and complete garbage cans that dump stuff at the back or side of the truck. In some models with the press of a knob on the side you can compress the garbage dumped at the back of the truck. Any kid will love to experience crushing small things using one of these.

Read more about Bruder Garbage Trucks »

Final Thoughts

Hope you went through all these top garbage truck toys for sale and selected one that best suits your small ones age and meets your budget. Kids love toy garbage trucks. You can make this gift a memorable one.

We love to hear from you. Which garbage toy truck do you like most? Leave your thoughts, choices and experience with garbage truck toys in the comments below. Share thoughts about the toy trucks you had as a kid and about other good toy garbage trucks you know.

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  1. You are not kidding about kids loving their garbage truck. I remember some years back, coming back from France with a 5 year old kid and two not one 2 large tonka trucks. You should have seen the airline attendant. She told me I could not take them. So I told her to explain it to the child. We came home with both trucks. So I really know about a child’s love for his trucks.

    1. No we don’t directly sell toys. We only review and try to provide unbiased comparisons of the best toys in the market. But almost all the toy trash trucks mentioned here can be found and ordered in the United Kingdom via the Amazon UK website. If you visit us from UK then this website automatically detects your location and converts the links to Amazon mentioned on this page to relevant page for that toy recycling truck on the amazon.co.uk store. All Amazon links in this website automatically detect your location and redirect you to the relevant local Amazon website for your country be it Amazon.ca for Canada, Amazon.de for Germany etc.

  2. These are great! I know little kids love the garbage truck. My brother sure did… he was VERY fascinated with it and of course wanted to be a ‘garbage man’ for about a month 😉

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