Top 10 Bruder Mack Toy Trucks Reviews & Comparison

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Mack truck fans will fall in love with these top 10 Bruder Mack toy trucks and models reviewed here. Bruder Toys have an extensive range of Mack Granite series toy truck models for sale. What makes them extra special is they are very realistic toy trucks. These Toy Mack trucks are made to precision, exact scale of 1:16 of the real Mack trucks. Like Bruder says they are, “just like the real thing”. They’ve got everything from working parts to the tiniest truck detailing parts.

Here is a comparison table, followed by reviews of Bruder Toys Mack Granite series toy trucks for sale today. There are Bruder Mack truck toys in several types, shapes and sizes. The comparison table will help you narrow down the field and find the best Mack toy truck for you, for your kids as a valuable gift.

Bruder MACK Toy Trucks Comparison Table

Clicking truck photos will take you to its Amazon sales page where you can checkout customer reviews and buy them now.

PhotoNameDimensionsAge GroupPrice
bruder toy truckBruder Mack Granite Dump Truck (Our Best Pick)20.9 x 7.3 x 8.9 inches3 - 10 Years
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bruder semi truckBruder Mack Granite Flatbed Truck with JCB Loader Backhoe (Best Value for Money)36.8 x 7.8 x 10.4 inches3 - 10 Years
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Bruder Toys Mack Granite Garbage Truck (Ruby, Red, Green)27.4 x 7.3 x 10.4 inches3 - 15 Years
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Bruder Mack Granite Cement Mixer25.8 x 7.3 x 10.8 inches3 - 10 Years
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Bruder Mack Granite Liebherr Crane Truck26 x 7.3 x 10.6 inches (crane extends to 50 inches tall)4 - 10 years
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Bruder Mack Granite Fire Engine with Water Pump27.9 x 8.1 x 11.4 inches3 - 15 Years
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Bruder MACK Granite Timber Truck with Loading Crane and 3 Trunks27 x 8 x 12 inches3 - 15 Years
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Bruder MACK Granite Dump Truck with Snow Plow Blade25.8 x 7.5 x 10 inches3 - 15 Years
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Bruder MACK Granite Tipping Container Truck25 x 8 x 9 inches3 - 15 Years
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Bruder MACK Granite Halfpipe Dump Truck25 x 8 x 9 inches3 - 15 Years
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Bruder Mack Truck Toys Reviews

Bruder Mack toy trucks are simply awesome. They are undoubtedly one of the best toy trucks for kids. But, I don’t think there is any other toy maker or truck model maker in the world who has this many toy trucks and models of the big tough Mack bulldogs. The currently available range of Bruder Mack toy trucks and Bruder Mack Granite trucks are as follows.

But wait a minute!

What Is It About Bruder Mack Toys?

As you can see here Bruder Toy Trucks are the most realistic toy trucks anywhere. Every boy and many girls love a Bruder toy truck because they are so realistic looking with real working parts and features.

But that’s not all. These Bruder Mack toys are very educational and active toys that provide realistic and activity based learning and fun for kids. If you buy these, your kids will learn a lot about Mack trucks, its parts and abilities as well as get a good understanding about the trucking world. A good thing is no batteries are required and all toys are hand powered free-wheeling push and play toy trucks.


What To Be Aware in Bruder Mack Toys?

I think the age group Bruder recommends for these Bruder Mack “Pro Series” is a little too young for this kind of vehicles. These plastic toy truck are so amazingly well detailed. If your child is going to smash it into a brick wall or throw it down a flight of stairs then you better pass up on these Bruder Mack toys as it will never stand up to that kind of abuse and buy Tonka metal trucks.

However, if you have a child that loves any kind of construction equipment and has some respect for their toys your money will be well spent on this items. With care while playing and handling these German made Bruder toys can be as tough as the Mack bulldog providing years of heavy-duty play time.

Now to the list of Mack truck toys from our German toy maker…

Mack Granite Dump Truck

Bruder toy trucks Making the list at number one, is the impressive and very detailed, functioning toy model of the real Mack Bulldog dump truck by Bruder. The size of this toy dump truck is 53 x 18.5 x 22.5cm in size. I don’t need to tell you how it works because you will know or have seen what the real Mack Granite dump truck can do. With this toy model you can do all those things just like the real thing like tipping up the dump bed. Maybe that’s why some call this Granite dump truck the MACK Granite Tip up truck. To read more about this or order it I recommend you to checkout the Mack Granite dump page on Amazon.

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Bruder Mack Granite Fire Engine Truck with Water Pump

Bruder Fire truck When there is a fire somewhere call out the MACK Granite Fire Engine Truck from Bruder toys. As you can see from the photo here which shows this truck in 3 positions its got lot of abilities and can perform like the real Mack fire truck. It’s made to the highest specification, as expected of all Bruder toys. You can unwind the hose to put out the fire, activate the water pump and lift the rescue slewing ladder to 1200 mm! That makes it ladder 4 feet tall! Complete size of this Mack fire truck is 71 x 20.5 x 29 cm. Other features include opening doors, folding stock mirrors, opening engine hood, a movable windscreen, liftable bonnet, and fully functioning steering, just made for play.

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Bruder Mack Granite Flatbed Truck with JCB Loader Backhoe

Bruder toy trailer At second position, a very large and impressive toy model of the actual MACK Granite Low loader and JCB 4CX backhoe loader. This is the longest of all the 10 toy Mack trucks. Its measures 93.5 cm in length 18.5 cm wide and 26.5cm high. Truck and detachable trailer feature fifth wheel clutch, removable side gates, fold-down ramps held by chains to unhook, folding mirrors, opening doors, a folding support bar, a locking device and a tilting cab with viewable engine underneath.

The included JCB toy backhoe loader also has a fully-functional front loader and backhoe that moves up and down and swings side to side.  It features stabilizer legs and a seat that spins around. So Kids can play with the truck and backhoe separately and they can play with them together. So it will be like buying two toys bundled into one. You can buy this now at a discounted price on Amazon.

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Bruder MACK Granite Cement Mixer Truck Toy

Bruder cement truck toy This cement mixer toy truck from Bruder has a incredibly authentic look of the real thing. It has got fender, hood ornaments, mirrors, exhaust pipe, roof lights, and frame as detailed as possible with a chrome look. This Mack cement truck model also features tread tires and a movable chute, just like the real thing. With this new Mack toy cement mixer truck, kids and adults can become a construction worker who operates the crank to make the cement mixer actually spin. Your can also open and close the cab doors, tilt the cab forward to view the engine, and fold in the rear-view mirrors.  One of several Bruder cement mixer trucks, this Mack Bulldog cement mixer toy truck can be bought at Amazon now.

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Bruder MACK Granite Garbage Truck Toy Scale Model

Bruder Mack truck Bruder has many toy garbage/recycle trucks but I think this Mack Granite Garbage truck toy model is the most interesting of them all. Its larger than other Bruder garbage trucks and offers interactive play for kids. The Bruder Mack truck toy has not only got the looks of the real Mack truck but works like one as well, including a working garbage press kids can operate! As all the other Bruder Mack’s this is also one big toy truck measuring 69.7 x 18.5 x 26.5cm. Highlights and features are the working garbage press, tilting refuse container that can be opened,  doors that open, mirrors that fold out and the engine hood opens to reveal engine. Click here to buy this now.

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Bruder MACK Granite Liebherr Crane truck

Bruder Mack toyAs you can see the Mack Granite crane provided by Bruder toys is a very interesting toy. I think because of its functions, features and size this truck will surely be one of the favorite and biggest toy trucks you can buy today. Made to the exact 1:16 scale of the real MACK Liebherr crane truck this ones truck body measures 66cm (L) x 18.5cm (W) x 27cm (H). But when the crane boom is at full length with the additional attachment and fully raised, it is 130cm or 1.3 m high and will tower above some of the kids. Given its height it has got 4 outriggers (stabilizer legs) to ensure the highest degree of stability, as well as, a counter weight can be filled with sand to balance the load of the crane. The telescopic and height-adjustable Liebherr jib crane works with a patented adjusting cylinder and there is a device for quick and noiseless lowering of the die cast hook. The driver cab is just as impressive with many functions like the bonnet and doors which open. Its numerous chrome parts and large bonnet, embodies the American way of life. You can checkout its latest discount price and get more details about it through this page in Amazon.

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Bruder MACK Granite Winter Service Truck with Snow Plow

You can plow through a lot of toys before you find something that’s as cool as this Mack Granite Snowplow Truck. It’s got wide, height-adjustable, detachable snowplow blade that pushes snow aside. Best of all, it has a realistic gritter and refillable tank with on/off lever that lets you spread sand onto the road for nonskid driving. Made of quality ABS plastic this incredibly realistic Mack Bruder toy snow plow truck measures 66.5 x 18.5 x 27.5 cm. Checkout Amazon for more details and its current discount price. Unfortunately this beautiful Mack snow plow toy truck is currently unavailable. However if you want a snow plow toy truck check this post for other Bruder snow plow truck models that are equally impressive.

Currently Unavailable »


MACK Granite Truck with Container and Forklift Toy

This is another great 1:16 Scale Model Mack toy truck from Bruder that’s two feet long. It’s a very interesting toy truck because it comes with a toy forklift vehicle and a detachable container labeled “Worldwide Logistics”. So the kids got many playing options. This Mack truck carries a forklift for flexible loading and unloading, even in small spaces. The double lifting mast of the fork-lift can be operated with one hand, steering by hand allows maneuvering in the tightest of spaces. Another great playing option this toy has to offer is the vehicle’s swap trailer, which detaches automatically from the vehicle and moves the container up when the support legs are pulled out and set up to allow the truck to move out from underneath the trailer. The truck itself is a masterpiece with a realistic cab with opening doors, rear-view mirrors that can be folded back and many chrome-like attachments and hinged hood make it a functional all-rounder. Truck’s dimensions are 59.5 x 18.5 x 26.5cm.  You can buy this through Amazon.

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MACK Granite Truck with Interchangeable Container

This is the yellow version of the above mentioned Green color toy Mack truck with container and forklift. Its also a older release so the previous one is more advanced and got a newer look than this. But I like this one because of its bright yellow color. This used to also comes with DHL logo printed across the Container but apparently its been discontinued. You can open the engine hood to reveal engine, open the cab doors, fold out side mirrors and fold out supporting legs, swing open rear doors and best of all the container can be disassembled into components. The toy forklift model that comes with this has direct rear wheel steering along with a 2 part mast with cable deflector, tilt function and adjustable fork width. This measures 59.5 x 18.5 x 26.5 cm. Its available at Amazon now. Prices of yellow and green Mack container trucks are almost same.

Currently Unavailable »


MACK Granite Rear Loading Garbage Truck

This last Bruder Mack Granite garbage truck with rear loading ability is a discontinued Bruder Mack toy truck, no longer for sale. Maybe it was discontinued partly because there was already a different Bruder Granite garbage truck with rear loading. There are also several bestselling Bruder garbage truck for sale currently modeled after other popular truck brands such as MAN and Scania.
Currently Unavailable »

The Bottom Line

This concludes my Bruder toy’s Mack toy truck top 10 list. It took a few days work to research, compile, edit photos and write up this list and then to keep it updated as new Mack toy models are added and some old Mack toy trucks go out of production.

I keep this page updated with new Mack truck models as they come to the market. I also have left some Bruder Mack trucks here that are no longer available to complete the full series of Bruder Mack toy trucks. It also shows these beautiful Bruder Mack truck models can go out of stock or maybe discontinued in future.

If you have any Mack toy trucks you want to buy, its wise to get them as soon as possible. If you browse through Amazon you can see some sellers selling out of stock Bruder Mack toy trucks for several times there original price. These sellers know Mack truck model collectors and Mack fans will pay high amounts to own a exact replica of these Mack truck models they want.

Bruder toys are very, very thorough with their attention to detail in the toys they manufacture. They even have spare parts and accessories that can be fitted to these Mack toys. (Spare parts and accessories need to be ordered separately)

I hope I was able to help you in your search for great and cool Bruder Mack truck model toys. So what do you think? Have you got any of these? Share your thoughts and about which Mack truck toy model trucks in the comments below.

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