2017 Hess Truck – News & Updates on Hess Toy Truck for 2017

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Update: If you came here looking for the latest Hess truck please see Hess truck 2018/2019 page.

This page is dedicated to sharing all the latest news and details we can find about next Hess toy truck which is the 2017 Hess Truck.

Hess has released two sets of Hess toy trucks for 2017. The latest is the 2017 Hess Dump truck and Loader set below. The other set was the delightfully unexpected and special 2017 Hess Mini Truck Set that was released in June 2017.

2017 HESS Dump Truck And Loader

hess truck 2017

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2017 Hess truck

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Features: 2017 Hess Dump Truck
Button activated hydraulic powered dumping action with sound effect
26 total lights that work in flash or steady mode, including super bright LED headlights
3 additional button-activated sound effects (ignition, horn, back-up)
Fold down tailgate / pull-out ramp
Free-rolling wheels
Chrome accents
Requires 3 ‘AA’ Batteries

Features: 2017 Hess Loader
Extending boom and excavator arm with jointed, rotating bucket
Motorized track drive (forward and reverse)
Independently rotating cab
8 lights that work in steady mode
Chrome accents
Requires 2 ‘AA’ Batteries

Special 2017 Hess Mini Truck Set

2017 hess mini

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In early 2017, Hess suddenly announced they will be issuing a limited edition Hess Mini truck set for 2017. This exclusive mini Hess truck set was exclusively sold through their the official HessToyTruck.com website starting from June 1st, 2017 at 10AM EST.

2017 Hess Truck (May 2017 Update)

  • But if you came here looking for the latest Hess truck you might like to checkout this new Hess truck released for the 2016-2017 Holiday season. This It is the most recent Hess truck for sale.
    hess truck new

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  • The “2017 Hess truck” will probably be released by Hess corporation like usual every year only at the beginning 2017-2018 holiday season which will be around November 2017. If you are interested about the 2017 Hess toy truck please bookmark this page and visit it once-in-a-way. will be keeping this page up-to-date with the latest and rarest news about the 2017 Hess truck we can find.
  • Comments are open. If you know any details and news that is not already included here please share them with us and our readers using the comment section below. We are fans of Hess trucks and like to be in the know and up-to-date about all the new Hess trucks.

2017 Hess Truck FAQ

When is the 2017 Hess Truck release date?

The release date for the 2017 Hess Truck hasn’t been announced yet. However looking at the release dates of recent Hess trucks we think it will be in November 2017.

Here is a list of release dates of the last few Hess trucks courtesy of Rayshesstoytrucks.com

2016 2016 Hess Toy Truck And Dragster – Release date: November 1, 2016
2015 Hess Fire Truck & Ladder Rescue – Release date: November 15, 2015
2014 Hess Truck & Space Cruiser – Release date: November 14, 2014
2013 Hess Truck & Tractor – Release date: November 8, 2013
2012 Hess Helicopter & Rescue – Release date: November 9, 2012
2011 Hess Toy Truck & Race Car – Release date: November 11, 2011
2010 Hess Truck & Jet – Release date: November 12, 2010.
Source: RaysHessToyTrucks.com

The 2016 Hess truck was available for purchase starting on 2016 November 1 at 10:00 am EST exclusively on their official website for Hess trucks at Hesstoytruck.com.  So the 2017 Hess toy truck will likely be in early November 2017 probably exclusively for sale on their official website.

What Will The Hess Truck 2017 Look Like?

hess truck 2017

No one knows for sure what the the 2017 Hess truck will be. It is a closely guarded secret by the Hess company. However looking at past Hess trucks you can get a idea. Here is the official HESS poster featuring all the Hess Toy Trucks since the very first 1964 Hess truck until the 2014 Hess truck. (This poster was released for the the Hess trucks 50th Anniversary. Only the 2015 Hess Fire truck and 2016 Hess Truck with Dragster are missing in this rare and official Hess poster.)

Hess Trucks by year

Since the first Hess truck was released in 1964 Hess oil company has been releasing a Hess toy truck almost every year resembling a vehicle from the Hess Corporations vast fleet vehicles. So the Hess truck 2017 will probably we one representing one of their company vehicles. In recent years they have been fond of releasing a flatbed transport kind of toy truck that transports the a smaller toy vehicle that comes with it.

According to Hess, it normally takes about two to three years from initial concepts until the Hess truck is released to the market. Some Hess truck have taken even more time, like even 6 years from concept to market! So who knows as we speak and look forward to the 2017 Hess truck, Hess toy factory right now is likely working on the 2018 Hess truck and maybe even the 2019 Hess truck and beyond. Who knows!

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    1. A tow truck would be very cool, with a smaller vehicle for towing
      I always puchase 3, for grandkids, but I know an adult who would certainly think it is over the top!

  1. Last year we were able to be put on a wait list and the e-mailed when we could order the 2016 truck, will that be the same this year?

  2. My daughter always bought one for Christmas for my grandson. Sadly she passed away but I have kept up her tradition. Can’t wait to get the 2017 truck

  3. Dorothy Dallessandro

    My husband has a model a large hess model that this guy made from different parts of the hess truck only a few made

  4. My son has every Hess truck since the year he was born (2003) & some older ones that I was able to get on eBay. EVERY year, the new Hess truck, has & always will be, the very first thing on his Christmas list! I’ve always gotten the truck on the first day it was available (in the stores & later on online) & hidden it from my son so that, in his earlier years, “Santa” wouldn’t forget it. One year Santa forgot to deliver it and, a few hours after all the gifts had been opened, he looked kinda sad & said, “Mama, Santa didn’t bring me a Hess truck this year”. My husband and I looked at each other and was like” WHAT?!?” because we knew we had gotten it! So we went on a treasure hunt looking for where we had hidden it, we found it…about THREE HOURS later!
    I’m so excited to see what the 2017 truck looks like that, it’s currently 8:40 in the morning (EST) & I’m sitting here with the website already pulled up, counting down the time until 10:00 when they go on sell!

    Gina Gentry

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