Tonka Road Grader: A Toy Grader With A Five-Position Adjustable Blade

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From Tonka toys we have this great Tonka Road Grader toy vehicle. The proud owner of this durable Tonka grader is sure to be the envy of his peers!

Tonka Road Grader Toy Grader With Adjustable Blade

Tonka toy grader
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What It Is?
This is the big, free-wheeling Tonka Toy Road Grader made with a steel construction and very durable rugged plastics. It is a big toy grader in the sense it measures 16 inches or nearly a foot and a half in length and 6 inches wide and 6 inches tall. Weighs about 2 pounds. Its grading blade is movable from side to side and adjustable to five different positions to suit different terrains. Plus its got a easy hand control to steer the front wheels. Hard, durable Deep-cleated tires allows for years of use smoothing over any terrain whether gravel, dirt, sand or moving small obstacles on floor or through the living room carpet. Made by Tonka and guaranteed for life I think this grader is a must to add to the toy collection!

Why It Is Fun?
I can say for sure any kid is going to love this for its bright color, look and abilities. They will love steering it and turning the front wheels using its easy hand controls and make it go where they want. Everyone at home is going to want to try out the different positions of the movable and adjustable five-position blade and see how it goes through different terrains be it gravel, dirt or sand. With good size, deep-cleated tires you can allow it to be used indoors and outdoors. Moving the blade from side to side to flatten or remove anything in its path young road engineers our going to try out many things with this Tonka grader while putting it to test time after time. Expect kids to do a lot of playing with it and wandering into their own imaginary worlds where they are the drivers of real road graders building the great U.S. Interstate Highways.

Who It Is For?
If you are looking for a toy grader,  toy construction vehicle or a unique interesting toy I think you have found it. This will definitely make a great present to give your kids or to a kid you know aged between 3 to 10. I think I’d have loved to have this grader even when I was 10 or 12.

But don’t give it to very small kids. They will not know how to handle it and try to break pieces and put them inside their mouths. That’s why its recommended for kids aged 3 years and up.

What To Be Aware Of?
Be aware that though this is advertised as the Tonka Toughs Steel Road Grader it is not fully made out of steel. So don’t be disappointed like some fans of metal Tonka toys have been when you get it and find parts of it made out of plastics. Its blade for example is made out of plastic. One guy, was also saying that the blade, in its lowest position, does not make enough contact with level sand in the sandbox to do much grading.

But I don’t think these are big issues. Compared to other toy graders in the market like the Bruder toys CAT Grader this one is much better enduring of the rough and hard play you can expect at the hands of small kids. I’ve heard people say the more expensive Bruder CAT grader didn’t last more than a few months while the Tonka Graders are still doing their job after a year of purchase. After all its made Tonka Tough and built to last with a lifetime guarantee!

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