5 Largest Jigsaw Puzzles in the World: 51300, 42000, 24000, 18000 Piece Puzzles

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Who doesn’t like a large jigsaw puzzle. If you are looking for the largest jigsaw puzzles in the world here they are. I have put them below in a comparison table with their piece count and finished size, so you can compare and see which is the best for you.

World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzles Comparison

PhotoNameNumber of PiecesFinished SizeAgeBuy Now
51,300 Pieces 27 Wonders from Around The World 51,30028.5 Feet x 6.25 Feet12+
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Educa 42000 Around The World Puzzle42,000295 x 61.75 inches13+
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Educa 33,600 Piece Wild Life Puzzle with Wheeled Wooden Carry Case33,600 224.41 x 61.81 inches (18+ feet x 5+ feet )N/A
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Educa Borras Life, The Greatest 24,000 Piece Puzzle24,000168.50 x 61.81 innches14+
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Ravensburger Paradise Sunset 18,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle 18,000109 x 75.5 inches14+
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The World’s Largest Puzzle

Currently the world’s largest puzzle for sale is the 51,300 Pieces, KODAK 27 Wonders from Around The World jigsaw puzzle. It measures an impressive proportion of 28.5 foot by 6.25 foot when completed. This puzzle should certainly be impressive and a fun project to work on.

However some argue this shouldn’t be called the world’s largest puzzle. That’s because the puzzles make up consist of 27 different picture puzzles that you buy all at once in one box and then individually put together and finally connect at the completed borders. However this design has its pros too. It consist of 1900 piece sections. This is a nice size to fit on a table so you don’t have to have a special setting to put it together. When buying it you’ll have to weigh in the pros and cons and decide.

Educa 42000 Around The World Puzzle

The Educa 42000 Around The World Puzzle is arguably the 2nd biggest puzzle in the world (for sale atleast). It reaches an impressive 295 inches by 61.75 inches dimension when completed.




Vida (Life) – 24000 Piece Puzzle

Here is Vida or Life puzzle with 24,000 peices. Until very recently it was the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle. It is now for sale online overtaking previous big jigsaw puzzle record holders such as several 18000 piece puzzles from famous jigsaw puzzle makers like Ravensburger etc.

Putting together jigsaw puzzles is a hobby enjoyed by both the young and old. It’s challenging, exciting, educational, and requires a little bit experience and a lot of patience. The more pieces and variety a puzzle has, the more challenging and exciting it becomes. So the jigsaw puzzle manufacturers are constantly trying to produce puzzles that are larger and more exciting with lots of variety and beautiful puzzle artwork.

Taking these things into consideration, a leading puzzle manufacturer called Educa has surprised even the most demanding puzzle fans with the launch of the world’s largest puzzle. Up to now, the brand’s largest puzzle had consisted of only 18,000 puzzle pieces. (previous biggest puzzle in the world were large Ravensburger puzzles like Ravensburger Skylines of the World – 18000 Piece Puzzle).

This puzzle consists of exactly 24,000 pieces and has rightly been called Vida (Life) – The Great Challenge. Whether it’s by the number of pieces or by the width and height, this puzzle is the World’s largest Jigsaw Puzzle. Once completed, the enormous puzzle measures an impressive 428 x 157 cm (or 14.04 feet by 5.15 feet!), enough to decorate a wall of room.

Due to its size the puzzle has been separated into four packets of 6000 pieces, breaking the artwork up into four vertical sections that join together to make the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle.

The artwork for this apex puzzle has been especially designed by a veteran puzzle artist, Royce B. McClure, who has had over a hundred jigsaw puzzles previously published. All the art that makes up ‘LIFE: The Great Challenge’ has come from paintings he had completed over many years, which had then been scanned and recomposed to best fit this enormous sized puzzle, making each section different enough from the other sections so that the puzzler won’t feel they are doing the same puzzle over and over. The end result like life itself, the puzzle is full of variety, color, activity, beauty, drama and above all Life.

The world’s largest puzzle was priced around 300. However in places like Amazon online you can buy this puzzle for a cheaper discount price. So if you are interested, I’d recommend you checkout check Amazon to buy this amazing 24,000 piece puzzle.

Annick Oriol from Belgium was the first to complete the puzzle. It had taken her 28 days and 20 hours.

For more details about this extraordinary puzzle have a look at the www.worldslargestpuzzle.com website. With the number of pieces in this huge jigsaw puzzle it should be much more challenging and time consuming than even 3D puzzles like the 3D Taj Mahal puzzle with thousands of regiform cardboard puzzle pieces.

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