Classic Steel Tonka Tow Truck Toy With Moveable Lift Review

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The Classic Steel Tonka tow truck toy is back for the new generation. Once again kids can experience the trill of playing towing and wrecking with a very high quality tow truck toy. This Tonka toy tow truck is also very detailed and realistic looking. This is another bonus and encourages imaginative play in kids. Made with steel body frame and rugged plastic parts, it is a very durable and long lasting tow truck. It is certainly a much better option than other cheap toy tow trucks that are flooding the market today. At 13.8 inches long it is more than a foot long, quite large tow truck toy. Makes it a valuable and durable present to give to your kids or as a party present. Certainly one of the best toy tow trucks for kids in the market today.

Tonka tow truck
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Furthermore it has got a working 4-position lift which enhances the playing experience. The steel construction body, deep-cleated tires and a bright yellow colorful realistic look makes this toy wrecker truck look just like a real tow truck. Kids are going to love it.

What It Is?

This is the classic Tonka Tow truck redesigned and just released for young kids aged 3 and above. Its got a bright yellow colorful body, a rugged steel construction and a realistic design which make this toy tow truck look very much like a real tow truck you see in the road. And its got the ability for towing like the real thing too. Young kids and even teenagers will want to try out its moveable 4-position functioning lift. Its quite a large toy truck. Measures more than a foot or 13.8 inches in length alone and its 6 inches wide and 7 inches high. Best of all this tow truck is made with steel and comes with a Tonka Tough guarantee for life!

Why It’s Fun?

With a working 4-position tow crane and free-wheeling, deep-cleated tires, it is ready for action any place, indoor, outdoor or in the sand box. This bright, realistic looking tow truck is not only going to fascinate and capture the imagination of your kid but also be the envy of his friends.

Who It’s For?

Recommended for kids aged 3 to 10 years old. Keep away from kids below 3 years because it comes with a safety warning due to hazardous small parts.What To Be Aware Of?

This Tonka Classics Steel Tow truck is manufactured and marketed by Funrise Toy Corporation with license from Hasbro Toys Corporation who is the owner of Tonka trademark. It is part of 12 Tonka metal toy vehicles specially released for Tonka toys 65th anniversary.

This is how the new Classic Tonka steel tow truck looks like with its packaging. Can you see its Tonka 65th Anniversary badge?

Hope you found this classic Tonka toy tow truck review helpful. Comments are open as always, so share your thoughts, experiences and comments on this toy tow truck. Your comments help others who are buying this Tonka toy wrecker truck.

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