Huge 3 Foot Long Tonka Titans Fire Engine Toy Truck

Update 2016: Unfortunately the 3 foot Tonka Titans Fire Engine toy truck is no longer for sale in the market. If you are interesting in toy fire trucks or Tonka trucks you might like to checkout this post for all the Tonka fire truck toys that are still available today.

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Alternative to 3 Foot Long Tonka Titans Fire Engine

Bruder Scania R-Serie Fire Engine with Water Pump, Lights & Sound

tall fire truck toy
This Bruder Scania Fire truck is also very large. Its more than two feet long. The trucks exact dimensions are 27.9 x 8.1 x 11.4 inches. But its most impressive feature is its expendable latter. When the latter is fully extended even the two feet plus size truck looks small. The turntable fire ladder with the rescue basket can be extended by a handwheel and adjusted in height. Its got many more interesting features and looks just like the real Scania fire truck. Made in Germany by famous Bruder toys you might like to check this out.
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Huge 3 Foot Long Tonka Titans Fire Engine Toy Truck Review

The Tonka Titans fire engine toy truck is the biggest toy fire truck I have seen so far. So it’s not surprising to see that it is one of the most popular and well known of all the different models of Tonka fire engines, which I’ve written about previously. However I’ve got good things as well as bad things to say about this Titans fire engine.
tonka titans fire engine
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First, the good points. Its very big. Measures about 80cm or 36″ inches length wise alone. Full dimensions are 36″ in length, 6 1/2″ wide and 6″ high. I’m sure kids love this fire engine for its size alone. It also got an equally long fire ladder which extends up to a height of 51″ inches or 4 feet! If you can raise the ladder up to its maximum height, it will be taller than most kids who will play with it.

The features doesn’t stop with its size. Its has also got realistic flashing lights & sounds like a real fire engine which makes it a even more interesting toy for kids.  The lights and sounds work using two “AA” batteries.
tonka fire engine

Now to its bad points. I have gone through the customer reviews about the Titan fire engine on Amazon and what I can say is, I wouldn’t buy it. Majority of the customers who bought the Titan, find it disappointing, not very durable, say its overpriced, not happy that it doesn’t have opening & closing doors and that its only motorized parts are 3 buttons that make different sounds!

So if you really want to buy it, make sure you are satisfied with what it has on offer. Personally, I like its size and think it might be alright if its for a bigger kid who handles his toys with care and would like to have a very big toy fire engine like this in his or her toy collection. Otherwise you are better off buying one of the other Tonka fire trucks or a more realistic but delicate Bruder fire truck.
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  • a Tonka fan says:

    Some people mistake this fire truck with THE tonka fire rescue truck because it also looks similar but a longer version of the Tonka fire rescue. I think the correct name for this should be Tonka Titans Fire Rescue Truck so that no one will confuse the two.

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