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How Hess Truck Collector Made A Business of Truck Model Hobby

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rays toy trucksIf you are a Hess truck collector, a toy truck model collector or interested in taking up any kind of toy vehicle collecting hobby you will find this article very interesting. Collecting toy truck models can be a very satisfying and mind blowing hobby. But if you have been collecting them for sometime, you realize how expensive and time consuming this hobby can become. You might need a good amount of money to buy those best toy truck models or dedicate a good amount of your time to find resources and make them yourself.

So it is no surprise to see many people give up being their toy truck or vehicle model collecting hobby because it’s expensive even when they are greatly interested in it. This saddens me greatly. I would like to encourage those of you who wish to start collecting truck models by pointing out the opportunities your hobby has by providing an excellent example of a truck model collector. This is article is a small encouragement for you about how a Hess truck collector made a business of his Hess toy truck model hobby.

Ray’s Hess Toy Trucks Store – From Hobby To Business

Raymond Patterson is a good example for such truck model collectors and enthusiasts. He is a great guy who has turned his childhood toy truck love and Hess truck collecting hobby into a good business by using the Internet as his marketing grounds.

I first heard about him through a comment he had left in a Youtube video about Hess trucks. As you can guess Raymond used to be a Hess toy trucks collector. Now he has turned his love for the Hess toy trucks into a business selling Hess trucks.

“I started collecting when I was smaller and then loved the hobby so much that it became a business for me now and has grown so large that we ship all over the world. Ray’s Toy Trucks.” This is the comment that was left by Raymond in that Hess truck Youtube video I mentioned earlier.

I checked out whether this comment was true. Then only did I find out that he has actually built a business out of selling Hess Toy Trucks. You can checkout his business website at www.raystoytrucks.com. He seems to now run a successful business by catering to the thousands of Hess truck fans living all over the world.
hess trucks websites

The Ray’s Toy Trucks website has a good About US page where Raymond explains and drops many hints about how he does his business. As you might know Hess trucks have been coming out with one or two models of trucks each year and it is a tradition with a large number of people all over the world to buy one of it and add to their Hess Truck collection. So Ray is not short of customers in this niche truck model market. He also seems to attract customers to his website by providing a lot of details about Hess trucks, which convinces visitors to purchase his products. His website has pages with lot of details about each Hess toy truck and accessories he sells. In them he even points out the weaknesses in the Hess toy trucks and accessories he is trying to sell which is not what many toy truck sellers in popular places like Ebay etc. do.

He says, “Most of the items on the site have hyperlinks for you to view the item. Just click description and a picture will pop-up.” Furthermore, “You will also notice that we try to include as detailed a picture as possible so that the buyer can see any of the flaws that we may be trying to point out. The whole idea of purchasing an item is the anticipation of receiving it. There is nothing worse than receiving an item and be disappointed. Therefore, we stand behind all of our sales and satisfaction is always guaranteed.”  I recommend you to checkout this Hess truck collector turned businessman’s website at Ray’s Toy Trucks.

Ray’s Hess Toy Trucks Featured on News 12 New Jersey TV

Watch this video of News 12 New Jersey TV station anchorman, Kurt Siegelin surprise at the collection of Hess trucks he saw when he visited Rays Hess toy store.

Ray was approached by News 12 TV station to do a story on his Hess truck collection hobby. The TV crew were surprised that Ray was able to make a business out of what started as a hobby and the amazing collection of everything related to Hess trucks. The short video is very interesting and shows Ray’s place where he carries out his Hess truck business operations.

The Bottom Line

Just like this many truck model collectors have turned their special love with truck models into some sort of truck model building and selling business. You can find plenty of inspiration and examples if you go to truck shows and model truck exhibitions around America. In them you will find many childhood truck collectors who are engaged in some sort of truck or truck model related business as a sideline income. So don’t give up your interest find a way to make money out of it.

I know this is not a very detailed or well written, inspiring op-ed column piece, but I just wanted to share it here on my toy truck website hoping it will give some boost to some toy collectors by pointing put the opportunities that exist for them to start a business out of their passion for toy trucks and models. If you know anyone like that, please contact me and tell me the story and I will feature it here on Toy Truck Toys as an example and a inspiration for truck model collectors all over the world.

What do you think the next 2017 Hess truck will be? Read others guesses and add yours too in this article guessing about the 2017 Hess truck model.

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    Normally we do buy trucks but lately we have been flooded with over 150 emails and phone calls from people wanting to sell their collections. We are well stocked and not purchasing any of the Hess trucks on your list at this time.

    Please note that we have also stopped purchasing any of the other gas station trucks such as Mobil, Shell, Sunoco and Texaco for example as we will be discontinuing them from our site once our present stock sells out. We do not purchase any die cast items. Feel free to email us back at a later date.
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