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Green Toys Pink Dump Truck For Girls

I’m sure you will know how much kids love to fill up boxes, baskets and then spill all their toys! They just enjoy it and the expression on their faces when they do this is just so adorable!

pink dump truck
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Trucks that come with this feature is not limited to boys, even the sweet little princesses out there just enjoy doing it. If you want to buy something for your girl or give away as a gift, the Green Toys pink dump truck would be an adorable gift the sweet little princess is sure to love!

I am sure you will find your little girl going around the house collecting the toys and dumping them in the place she wants to play with them!

The safe and stylish Green Toys Dump truck is made by Green Toys USA, and is made of 100% recycled milk containers – a plastic known as HDP, the safest and cleanest plastic ever. Safety and sustainability are the top priorities of the manufacturer, so this dump truck is free from dangerous material, metal axles and has no choking hazards.

greentoys dump truck

Measuring  10″L x 7 ½”W x 7 1/8″H this pretty pink dump truck is a big toy truck, the little angel can have loads of green fun with. She can dump sand and rocks or dolls and diamonds in to this dump truck bed! She is sure to learn more about recycling and grow up as a socially responsible individual supporting the ‘Greener World‘ concept.

Order now to prevent your little princess losing the chance of having great green fun!
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  • I LOVE that this is a recycled toy but I have to kindly disagree with the marketing to girls. I wish girls and boys all played with the same toys regardless of the toy’s color and we didn’t market to children based on their sex. Especially at such a young age that this type of toy is targeting. We are already instilling the value that “boys and girls play differently or have to play only with toys designed for their gender.” While maybe not quite so drastic as that just from one toy, the bottom line is we’re creating inequality from birth with this type of gender typing of toys. I wouldn’t avoid the company because of it, but I would choose more gender neutral toys for my own home.

  • ToyTruckToys says:

    I disagree Marqaux. Normally girls have to be contented with toy dump trucks and other toy vehicles that are mostly designed and colored to suit boy tastes. This company is trying to reach out to those little girls with a toy they can call there own instead of being contended with blue color toy dump trucks designed for girls. I think that’s not only reaching out but encouraging gender equality. If boys can have blue trucks why can’t girls have pink trucks?

  • julieann r says:

    Awesome….finally a dump truck for the chicks!!! 🙂

  • I’m meaning to say I would avoid toys targeted in such a way for “boys only” for my son the same way I would avoid “pink is for girls” type toys for a daughter. I try to find toys for my son that are all different colors or plain wood to encourage neutrality and creative play.

  • ToyTruckToys says:

    Thanks for sharing your view. But I feel there should be toys for boys only and toys for girls only, just like there are clothes for girls only and clothes for boys only. As a boy it will be boring to always play with a neutral color toy. I assume that’s what girls feel too if they had to always play with neutral color toys.

  • I Love this for Girls the bonus made of recycle materials

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