Green Toys Seaplane Is Ready To Take The Sky And Sea

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Kids from age 1 and above can now take a journey through the sea and water using a recycled plastic toy seaplane. Made in California, USA the complete manufacturing of this toy plane (from raw materials to the finished product) is done locally by Green Toys using milk containers that you just tossed into your bin!!!

The 2 color combination of the seaplane is sure to attract any kid, take a look at the pictures below:

toy seaplane greentoys

green toy seaplane


The toy seaplane measuring approximately 8”X6” inches, is made of high-density Polythene or HDP which is known to be the cleanest and safest plastic available. External laboratory tests have proved that this does not contain BPA, Lead, Cadmium, or Phthalates and have no external coating.

The young and intelligent captain will be able to navigate the sea plane in any bath tub or pool, moving it from the air to the water as many times as he likes without causing any damage to the sea plane.

The below picture indicates how much the young captain enjoys navigating his plane ship:

green toys seaplanes

Soon to be released order this toy now, from the factory in California to your home. Get your sea plane that has not traveled in the sea to reach you!!! Be the first to make it travel in the sea and air!!!

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