3 Best Bruder Log Truck Toys Comparison & Reviews

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Bruder toy logging trucks are a very interesting type of toy trucks with lots of features and room for imagination. Therefore Bruder log truck toys are always fun to play and kids just love them. If you want to buy one them there are quite a few interesting toy log trucks for sale in the market currently. Out of them my favorites and most recommendable are the Bruder log truck toys from the German toy maker, Bruder toys.

Bruder logging truck toys are exact scale models of real world log trucks like the Mack, Scania and Man Log trucks. They are not only realistic log truck toy models but also function like real ones with working, telescopik cranes, tiltable truck cabins and beds and even height-adjustable stake chains for securing the toy logs that come with them. So these Bruder timber trucks are a dream come true for kids. Even adults like to play with them and collectors buy them for their truck model collections.

Bruder Log Truck Models Comparison

Currently there are three models of Bruder Log Trucks. Here is a comparison of those three Bruder toy logging truck models currently for sale. They are undoubtedly among the best toy timber trucks in the market today.

PhotoNameDimensionsRecommended AgePrice
Bruder MACK Granite Timber Truck With Loading Crane And 3 Trunks editors choice27 x 8 x 12 inches3 - 15 years
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Bruder Toys Man Timber Truck with Loading Crane and 3 Trunks best buy18.5 x 6.9 x 9.5 inches3 - 7 years
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Bruder SCANIA R-Series Timber Truck With Loading Crane And 3 Trunks23 x 8 x 12 inches3 - 15 years
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Bruder Logging Truck Reviews

The Bruder log truck models are made with the typical Bruder fade-resistant, high quality plastic such as ABS with no glue or screws. The toy trucks are details and realistic as they can get and work like the real trucks. However these realistic details and functionaly make them delicate toys as well. So this trucks are suitable for little older kids who understand the value of these realistic truck details and features. I recommend it’ll make great presents for kids aged 5 or 6 years and above. If your kids loves any kind of working toy vehiclesand has some respect for their toys your money will be well spent on this Bruder timber trucks.

Bruder MACK Granite Timber Truck with Loading Crane and 3 Trunks

This Bruder Mack timber truck toy model is most feature rich and realistic toy log truck in the market today. It is also a big log truck toy that measures more little over two feet in length. The trucks exact dimensions are 27 x 8 x 12 inches.

Apart from the look “just like the real thing”, the trucks crane is the most interesting feature. This truck crane is very functional and kids will love playing with it. The crane arm can pivot 360 Degree, telescopes and can even be locked in several positions. The engine bonnet can be lifted to have a view of the engine block. The cabin windows are transparent and made of a unbreakable polycarbonate.

It comes with height-adjustable stake chains for load securing and three Bruder toy log trunks. Extra Bruder toy logs are also available for purchase for more fun play times.

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Bruder SCANIA R-Series Timber Truck with Loading Crane and 3 Trunks

This Bruder timber truck is modeled after SCANIA R-Series timber truck. It comes with the loading crane and 3 Bruder log trunks. Check at Amazon #Ad

The truck bed or the truck rear loading surface can be tilted to let the laods it carry slip down like the real log trucks do. The truck crane arm can pivot 360 Degree. The crane also telescopes and can even be locked in several positions.

While playing with the crane the stabilization legs can be extended and lowered to provide additional side supports for stabilizing the loading crane. The truck comes with height-adjustable stake chains for securing the log loads in place.

Bruder Toys Man Timber Truck with Loading Crane and 3 Trunks Review

And last but not least is this Bruder Toy MAN Timber truck (Check at Amazon #Ad). Below is a more detailed review about this truck.

Why Do We Recommend This Bruder Log Truck?

I recommend the Bruder Man Timber truck because of its quite big, very realistic looking and has several interesting movable parts just like in the a real logging truck. In facts it is a real replica of the MAN  Timber truck made to the scale of 1:16 and is even worthy to be on any collectible truck collectors display shelf.

Before I explain its many features and abilities just have a look at this truck and you might get an idea of why I praise it so much. Here I have shown two photos of how this toy log truck looks and works.

Features of This Bruder Timber Truck

Like you can see in the pictures of it, it has got a small, fully functioning jib crane for loading and unloading logs. It also comes with 3 plastic real looking tree trucks included. That allows kids to engage in very realistic log loading and unloading action with this toy truck.

Like I said before this log truck toy is a 1:16 scale exact replica of the real MAN timer truck and measures 43 cm (L) x 18.5 cm (W) x 25.5 cm (H) in size. So its not only very detailed with many working parts but also quite large because its length is alone 43 cm or nearly 1-1/2 feet!

Other features and abilities of this Bruder MAN toy log truck include push and pull action with its free-wheeling tires, the ability to tip the drivers cab like shown in the picture and view the engine block, fold and unfold the wing mirrors of the driver’s cab and open and close the side stays of the truck so that the loaded logs won’t fall out when kids engage in log transport. The tires also have a specialty because they are rubber like with real threads you can see.

The claw of the truck crane is not permanently attached to the log crane’s arm. So it can fall down and be missed by your kids. One customer who bought this reported that she finds it in some odd places around the house.

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What To Be Aware Of in Bruder Log Trucks?

If you are not familiar with Bruder toys there are some things to be aware of about these Bruder toy logging trucks for kids. If your child is going to smash it into a brick wall or throw it down a flight of stairs then you better pass up on this Bruder toy log trucks because it will never stand up to that kind of abuse. If you have a child that loves any kind of construction equipment and has some respect for their toys your money will be well spent on this toy truck.

Secondly the small movable parts of this truck is a choking hazard for very small kids. So keep it away from children under 3 years of age.

To read more customer reviews and buy these Bruder log truck models now check the Amazon sales pages using the button links above. Not only are Bruder toy log trucks great for your kids but they also make a valuable and memorable gift to relatives and friends children. Which child can forget a realistic, working toy log truck like these?

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  1. I see several choices in a “Self-loader logtruck “, but no choices for a standard logtruck. Please tell me that you will offer one in the near future. I drive a log truck and would like to gift them to my future grand children.
    Thank you,
    Debi Moule

    1. Hi Debi,
      Thanks for your inquiry and pointing out a omission we had done. We will soon create and publish a comparison of the best log truck toys for sale in the market currently, in which we will try to locate and include the best standard log truck toys without cranes as well.

      I have also noted your email and will let you know once it is published.

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