Snow Plow for Power Wheels Rideon Toys

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Have you thought of adding a snow plow for Power Wheels kids electric ride-ons? Can a Power Wheels rideon be use for plowing snow and having fun at the same time?

Power Wheels Snow Plow Conversion

Here is a video from Bob Sears who had this idea and put it to the test. He was wondering whether a Power Wheels can be used for plowing snow. Its a question he had and had to convert his daughter’s Power Wheels Jeep to find out.

I tried to find out whether Fisher Price Power Wheels or someone else has got Power Wheels snow plows for sale. Unfortunately no such product in the market yet. However Kettler sells the snow plow blade product for their Kettler rideon toys. This snow plow is made with a kind of durable plastic. It will be great if Fisher Price or some other company can release a snow plow for Power Wheels. I think there will be a good market for it during the winter.

Snow Plow For Kettler Rideon Toys

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Will this work with Power Wheels?
According to the seller NO. This doesn’t fit Power Wheels or Peg Perego toys either. However according to some customer comments on the Amazon page, if you have some basic woodworking or metal skills, you might be able to figure something out.

If you plan on a snowplow or bucket for Power Wheels traction will be a problem. Most Power Wheels suffer from poor traction even on grass. You might have to get some tire chains. That might help increase traction but might not eliminated the problem completely.

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  1. I have never tried it but I hope to get this to work I would really like to see this work I will build a power wheels snow plow and I am going to do it

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