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Cheap American Plastic Toy Chubby Dump Truck Review

Update: The American Plastic Toy Chubby Dump Truck is no longer available. For an alternative and in the same price range you might like to checkout the eco-friendly Green Toys dump truck. There is also the Green Toys Pink Dump truck for girls.

If you are looking for a large and cheap dump truck toy here is the best product I have come across for sale online so far. It’s a high quality but also very cheap toy dump truck for sale that is made by American Plastic Toy.

american plastic toy

It’s quite a large toy dump truck and nearly 16 inches long. This toy dump truck can be played by toddlers of 18 months and above as well as more grown up kids.

Chubby Dump Truck as it is called is has a very study build and also very nice style about it making it very lovely and chubby! The dump bed can be tilted and it has also got a molded in handle for lifting and tilting the dump bed. The truck is free wheeling and has very long lasting play value for the price you pay.

Also checkout the other toy dump trucks and plastic toy trucks of other kinds and styles available on Toy Truck Toys.

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