Best Toy Pickup Trucks with Trailers Comparison

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If you are looking for the best toy pickup trucks with trailers, you can find one among the products on our top toy pickup truck trailer list here. There are some beautiful models of pickup trucks with trailers here that you can choose from as you have learned from the above comparison chart. Whether you are looking for a particular kind of toy pickup trailer or a generic pickup trailer are a lot of models on the market today to choose from.

Using the comparison chart and the photos and reviews that follows, you can determine which pickup truck and trailer model is the best one for you. These best toy pickup truck and trailers were chosen on their quality, features, reputed brand, high rating, and predominantly positive customer reviews.

Best Toy Pickup Trucks with Trailers Comparison

PhotoNameDimensionsScale Model SizeRecommended AgePrice
Bruder Ram 2500 Power Pick Up Truck19.92 x 7.4 x 7.09 inches1:163+ years
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Liberty Imports RC Ford F-350 Super Duty Pick Up Truck, Remote Control8 X 3.5 X 31:283+ years
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Bruder Ram 2500 Power Wagon Roadster Racing Team19.88 x 14.17 x 7.87 inches1:163+ years
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Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Bigfoot die-cast 1:24 Scale Vehicle7.5 x 5.5 x 4.7 inches1:243 - 8 years
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Ertl Dodge Pickup with Diecast Trailer and Bales, 1:64-Scale9.1 x 1.8 x 2.4 inches 1:643 - 15 years
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Top Toy Pickup Truck and Trailer Reviews

Most toy pick up trucks that come with trailers are scale models of real life trailer pickup trucks. So they are very realistic in detail and function just like real one. This quality encourages imaginative play in kids and also make them good collectibles and models to keep as a souvenir on display.

Common scale model sizes for these pickup trucks include 1:16, 1:32 and 1:64. The 1:16 scale model size pickups and trailers are large and very long. 1:32 scale size is about half that of 1:32. While 1:64 scale models become very small toys. So consider the size as well as the scale size of the product your are buying and while also consider your likes when choosing the pickup truck trailer toy.

toy pickup truck

The Bottom Line

We hope that you find this guide and top rated pickup truck toys and trailer reviews to be helpful in making your decision.

In case, you couldn’t find a toy pickup truck and trailer model here, you might also like to checkout our comparison and review of the best toy semi trucks with trailers. Toy Semi-truck aand trailers are similar in looks to pickup trucks with trailers. So they make equally interesting and valuable gifts for kids and collectors alike.

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