Best Off Road Power Wheels Reviews & Comparison

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Are you looking for the best Off Road Power Wheels for Kids? With so many different models of Power Wheels for sale it can be hard to find. That’s why we made this comparison of the best Power Wheels for off road driving, followed by individual reviews the the top models. These are specially designed off road Power Wheel models that feature wheels with better traction and a frame and body built with suspension for rough terrains. These features will allow your kids to drive off the paved road and have fun in rougher surfaces than other normal Power Wheels.

There are several models to choose from, from choosing the right shape and size, to picking a color and theme your kids will love. Unlike many other electric rideon vehicles for kids, with these Fisher Price branded Power Wheels for offroad you can be certain of a quality produce that gets used and abused until the bitter end, providing loads of enjoyment in the process.

Best Off Road Power Wheels Comparison

Power WheelsNameDriving SurfacesRecommended AgeAvailable Colors Price
Fisher-Price Power Wheels Dune Racer Extreme best buyHard surfaces, Dry & Wet Grass, Gravel, Mud and Rough Terrain3-7 YearsAvailable in many colors (Green, Pink, etc)
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Power Wheels Dune Racer, Chrome [Amazon Exclusive Version]Hard surfaces, Dry & Wet Grass, Gravel, Mud and Rough Terrain3-7 Years
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Power Wheels Kawasaki Brute Force editors choiceHard surfaces, Dry & Wet Grass, Gravel, Mud and Rough Terrain3-6 YearsBlack, Blue
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Best Power Wheels for Off Road Reviews

Below are some notes and thoughts about the best of these power wheel off road models.

Power Wheels Kawasaki Brute Force

Power wheels off road This is the best Power Wheels for off road in our opinion due to its performance, build and style. It cruises easily along off road surfaces as well as hard surfaces. No problem riding it on hard surfaces, grass and rough off road terrains like ruts, gravel, mud and even some rocky sections or fairly steep small hills.

The unique, realistic ATV styling makes it look like real ATV than a Power Wheel or kids rideon. Kids love the design for it makes them feel really grown up. Features include 12-volt batter power with two speeds forward (2.5 & 5 mph max.) plus reverse, power lock brake system, high-speed lock out for beginners and battery charge indicator to monitor battery power.

Maximum weight capacity of 130 lbs allows kids as old as 7-8 years to enjoy driving it. Available in Black and Blue colors.

  • Designed for hard surfaces, grass and off road rough terrains including ruts, gravel and mud.
  • powered by the exclusive Monster Traction drive system which should enable it to move on grass and other rougher surfaces.
  • Realistic ATV styling that makes it look like a very cool ride.
  • Is well-made and sturdy and holds charge pretty well too.
  • Handles grass and dirt surfaces with no issues. Goes up hill and over bumps very well. Fine on puddles and light mud.
  • Comes with a heavy-duty shovel to fuel pretend play and get kids ready for an adventure.
  • Price is higher than other off roading Power Wheels models
  • If your kid is are on the heavy side, driving this uphill or have it on the higher speed, the battery drains off at a quicker rate.
Age: 3-6 Years

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Fisher Price Power Wheels Dune Racer

Power Wheels Off Road The Dune Racer is the second best Power Wheels for rough terrain and off roads in our opinion. It has the look of a racing car and has two seats, so young ones can take their siblings and friends with them.

It is cheaper than the Kawasaki Brute Force and also comes in several cool color themes like pink & purple, lava red, camouflage, pink barbie theme and even a Amazon exclusive chrome and blue theme model.

Age: 3-7 Years

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