Smokey The Matchbox Fire Truck: A Big Robotic & Talking Toy Fire Truck

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Update: Unfortunately, Smokey The Matchbox Fire Truck is no longer for sale. However if are looking for a toy fire truck checkout this page for the best Toy Fire Trucks. It’s sure to help you with its graphical comparison table and all the top rated fire truck toy models currently in the market.

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Smokey The Matchbox Fire Truck Review

Smokey The Matchbox Fire Truck  is a revolutionary toy fire truck  that has become one of the most popular toy fire trucks in the world today! Just by looking at these pictures you can see that it is more interesting and action packed than just a classic toy fire truck.
matchbox fire trucks
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Smokey fire truck became very popular and a bestselling toy truck after it was introduced to the market in 2011 by the famous Mattel Toy Company. Mattel is the same company which makes the famous Matchbox toy cars and trucks. They made this toy fire truck after their Matchbox Rocky the Robot Truck and Matchbox Stinky The Garbage Truck (introduce in 2010) became bestsellers during the holiday seasons of that year.

Here is a great video showing you just what this fire truck actually does. Watch it and see if your little one would like him. Make sure its age appropriate for your child.

(recommended age 3 to 7 years)

fire truck matchboxLike you can see in the pictures and video here, this talking robotic fire truck’s got amazing interactive qualities and multiple modes that stimulate imaginative play in kids. For instance, Smokey tells you when he’s thirsty and prompts you to load up the cannon with aqua-colored balls that represent water blasts and shoot them at imaginative fires.

Depending on its positioning, Smokey can operate in one of two main modes–character mode or truck mode. By turning a lever you turn it into a standing robot like standing character mode that dances and talks. Even in truck mode you can press buttons to make it talk and make sounds. In all it can speak more than 95 words and phrases.

Smokey Matchbox Fire Truck – Features & Highlights

talking fire truck* This interactive toy fire truck talks, jokes, exercises, sings and even imitates eating. (Speaks over 95 words and phrases!)
* A real working fire truck brought to life in a robotic fashion!
* Kids can manipulate and shoot cannon balls to help Smokey put out “fires”
* Operates in one of two main modes–character mode or truck mode.
* Includes two aqua-colored balls to that represent water blasts to load into canon barrel and shoot.
* Expandable ladders and sensors that respond to the child’s movements
* Grill of the truck moves like a mouth in sync with its talking.
* Realistic details and large, sturdy tires
* Freewheeling toy truck

Smokey Matchbox Fire Truck – Product Details

smoky fire truck* Size: 13 (L) x 8.5 (W) x 13.5 (H) inches;
* Made by: Matchbox Mattel Toy Company
* Recommended Age: 3 to 7 years
* Requires: Four C batteries (included); Phillips-head screwdriver to replace batteries;
* No Assembly Required

Tips for Buyers: Removing this toy from the packing takes time and patience. Parent should also fully read the instructions in advance before giving this toy to a child, since the operations are not all that obvious, and assistance will be required to show kids how to operate the various features.

matchbox toy firetruckPeople have complained about how difficult it is to move Smokey to its different positions. That is because the manufacturer’s have missed to include proper unpacking tips and removal instructions. This can be solved if you examined the toy more closely, there will be a grey plastic ‘pin’ located near Smokey’s major ‘joint’ which is not meant to be there. It’s just a little plastic plug that was put there in order to help keep Smokey in his upright mode in the packaging. Just wiggle it out and he will slide from position to position with ease.

Overall, out of all the toy trucks we have reviewed on, we think this robotic, talking and dancing toy fire truck is one of the amazing toys we have come across. It has got a lot of abilities plus more!
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