RC Toy Trucks: Radio Control Chevy Silverado Lifted Pickup Truck Review

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RC Toy trucks are fun. You can race and control them in rougher terrains than a RC toy racing car even if it is the world’s most expensive car. Maybe lifted RC cars are also as good in driving/controlling as remote controlled trucks but lifted RC car just don’t look real. If you want a real looking RC toy for a kid then you got to admit remote control pickup trucks like this Chevy Silverado RC truck is much better than a RC Racing car for fun for an adult or kid.

rc pickup truckWhen I look for toy trucks I try to find the best toy truck with the most reviews, both positive and negative. There are so many RC toy pickup trucks for sale today in every toy website. But you should be cautious about buying them. There are many complains regarding poor quality products for sale. Ebay is supposed to be the no one plague in this regard. That seems to be spreading to Amazon the next most popular online toy buying mega destination in the Internet. So when I go I look for a balance reasonable amount of reviews to see what others say in third party stores like Amazon.com about the toys.

While I was doing a search like this for toy truck toys that are radio controlled I came across this RC or radio Control Chevy Silverado lifted pickup truck for sale by New Bright toys on Amazon.

The description of this radio control Chevy Silverado truck toy was also very good. It’s a 1:14 scale model of the actual Chevy Silverado you see in cruising along passed your car in American highways. RC wise it said to have Full Function Radio Control Features with both Forward and backward drive and left, right steering which I’m sure kids and even I would love to have a go at. This radio controlled Chevy pickup truck toy is powered by a 6V Rechargeable Battery Pack and the set you get comes with a RC 6V rechargeable battery charger included. It has a wireless antena for receiving the remote signals you give from its handheld control. Additionally the radio control frequency is said to vary, either 27 or 49 MHZ. That means you won’t be able to control two of this toy trucks together because they may run on the same frequency. I wish the New Bright toys had varying frequency in this toy truck. Then we can buy two or three and have remote control toy truck races with this Chevy models because it comes in several attractive styles. New Bright usually makes good radio control trucks but they need to get the frequency changeable or varied so we can buy more than one rc truck and have a race with our neighbourhood teens and young at heart adults like me 🙂

Warning: This Radio Control Chevy Silverado Lifted Pickup Truck is not for sale for kids under 8 years of age.

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  1. I was watching my neighbors play with their two little daughters in our culdesac last weekend, and they were having a blast chasing around a Rc car that had lights, it was at night. I think a rC car would be a great gift for kids.

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