RC 1:14 Size Model Remote Control Chevy Silverado Truck RC Toy

Here you find the Remote Control Chevy Silverado Truck RC Toy. It is made by New Bright toys and is made to the scale model 1:14. rc chevy silverado

This 1 to14 scale RC is a Full Function Remote Control toy truck models of the Chevy Silverado truck pickup. It’s a very good replica scale model with realistic details and features and Comes Ready to Run with a 6V Rechargeable Battery Pack and Charger Included. The Radio Control Frequency may vary at either 27 or 49 MHZ.

As it comes with its own battery pack you don’t have to buy them like other similar RC toy models you find in toy truck stores. The control has a flexible antenna which is MUCH more durable and this Chevy Silverado though built tough is very durable. The scale model is quite big at more than one foot long. It’s size or dimensions are 14 x 8.5 x 7.5 inches and has a shipping weight of 5 pounds. It comes in different colors as Silver Silverado, Black Silverado, red Chevy Silverado etc.

The drawback is it’s price, which is not what all of us can afford for a simple small toy even though it is remote control. The remote control helicopter Syma S107 is more cheaper than this. You got a solution for that too if you opt for a smaller version of this Chevy Silverado truck which is the 1 to 24 scale model remote control Chevy Silverado.You can also buy this cheaper but smaller RC Silverado truck through the popular online shopping mall Amazon.com at New Bright – 1:24 Radio Control Chevy Silverado truck page.

All in all this is a very interesting Remote control truck with which you are sure to have loads of fun. It’s also a great gift for a kid who is sure to love this and as it is very durable you can be sure it will last longer than the fragile toy models and other kinds of RC trucks of other makers available in the market today.


A Word of CAUTION regarding this RC Toy truck- This is a Electrically operated product and as it also has small parts and is somewhat complicated it is not recommended for children under 8 years of age. As with all electric products, precautions should be observed during handling and use to prevent electric shock.

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