New Green Toys Seaplane, Airplane And Submarine With Two Color Combinations

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I just came to know that the 3 new Green Toys which will be released next month will each come in two color combinations to select from. Here are the photos of these 3 new Green Toy products for sale


green toys submarines

The two color combinations of Green Toys™ Submarine.

green toys seaplanes

Kids can float, fly, and find good fun with these Green Toys™ Seaplanes

green toys airplanes

 The Green Toys™ Airplane is one environmentally friendly aircraft, clear for takeoff!


It’s also nice to note that these toys were fully made in the USA out of all things of 100% recycled plastic milk jugs!  On top of that, they are even packaged with recycled and recyclable materials and printed with soy inks!

Green Toys™ Submarine

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  1. it’s good idea making green toy be course now a days thousandths of broken toys thrown to the environment that makes big environmental problem

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