Mercedes Benz Toy Transporter Truck With 4×4 SUV Review

toy transporter truck
Here is another nicely made toy two foot big toy truck. This is remodeled after the Mercedes Benz toy transporter truck and is sold with a 4×4 Sports Utility Vehicle. It is made in German by the famous Bruder toys company who’s toy truck’s we have discussed here previously. This is a interesting toy vehicle and but only recommended as great toys for children above the age of 4 years. For a bonus it also has a Sports Utility cross country toy jeep like the Bruder toy tow trucks with crane. This is one of the best toy tow trucks for kids in the market today.

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This MB auto or car transport truck looks so much like wrecker flatbed rollback tow trucks used in the recovery services companies but without the tilting flatbed facility.

This toy truck is a 1:16 scale model of the MB Sprinter Auto transporter and measures 50 x 17.2 x 18.5 cm in size and weighs 1 and a half kilograms. This is not as large as the 3 feet long toy Tonka garbage transport truck or interesting as the Bruder Mercedes Benz Flatbed Loader toy tow truck that comes with a yellow toy Bulldozer. But that doesn’t mean this isn’t a good toy. This toy MB sprinter transport truck features the modern and cool design of the Mercades Benz car transport real thing well in this scale version. The toy model is fascinating to look at on closer examination. The attention to detail by Bruder toys is very good and sure to inspire hours of imaginative play by kids lucky to get this car transporter with a flatbed and a bonus 4×4 SUV toy vehicle.

toy flatbed truck The toy model is so detailed you find the winch on the truck bed for pulling the SUV onto the transporter truck’s flatbed at the back. The winch is newly developed according to the toy maker and can be used when in need to tow the vehicles on to the transporter in difficult situations. This toy MB car transporter truck even has side mounted tool boxes that are used to stow the chock blocks and ramps you get with even with this toy truck model version which can be pushed directly into the chassis of the vehicle to be transported which in this case is 4×4 truck like a jeep.

car transport truck Mention should also be made about the lights and sounds. You get four different functions in this Bruder truck. They are – horn, engine noise, flashing light and siren noise (switchable from U.S. to European beep) and including 2 standard AAA batteries (included) for powering the toy car transporter truck.

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