Ertl John Deere 21″ Big Scoop Dump Truck Toy Review

Looking for a truck that your kid is going to marvel at? Don’t we all just love to see that our kids adore the gifts we present? If you are looking for a toy that is sturdy built, going to impress your child and is NOT electronic but supports creative thinking then the Ertl John Deere 21″ Big Scoop Dump Truck Toy would be a perfect choice.

john deere toy truck
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This is not only one a great John Deere branded toy but also one of the most popular John Deere toys today. It also one of the largest toy dump trucks and best toy dump trucks for kids in the market today.

The Make and Size of John Deere Dump Truck

This dump truck measures 21 inches X 11 inches X12inches. Its a HUGE toy for certain. Well, its not made of metal completely. Only the dump bed is made of metal the rest is plastic. This means that the wheels, cab and handle on the front of the bed is plastic. So if you are looking for a completely metal truck then you might want to try a Tonka Steel truck.

The metal bed – Does it have sharp edges? No it doesn’t! So no worries there! It would not be wrong to call this generation the iGeneration! So does this toy live up to those standards? – No. There are no flashing lights, sounds or buttons to push. This is one product that is going to take your kid outdoors and have some REAL play. If your looking for a toy to promote activity and creative thinking this would be perfect.

Who is it For?

The recommended age group for this toy is 3 years and above. This toy is a perfect gift for kids who want to load the truck with rocks, sand, toys, books or whatever it might be. It is good for the kid who feels like sitting on the truck and riding it and even for the who wants to run around with the toy taking it through the carpet, grass, sand and muddy puddles!

Durability of John Deere Big Scoop

One of the most durable toys that I found on amazon. Extremely sturdy built allowing kids to try out all their experiments using this truck. This cool green truck will last even in the hands of those ‘hyper active’ kids!

What Customers Think of This Large Dump Truck

Customers at large are really satisfied with this product. As I write this most of the customers have given the product a 5 star rating online. That really spells out the word A-W-E-S-O-M-E. H.

So what do you think? Are you already a proud owner of this adorable John Deere dump truck? Or do you wish to purchase a dump truck? If so you can purchase one here!

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Share your thoughts in the comments below about this 21-inch Big John Deere Dump Truck Toy and let us know what you think.

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