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Buy Durable, Tough Mighty Tonka Toy Trucks

If you are looking for a durable and hard to break to last sometimes withstanding the strains of a very rough play then your answer is the Mighty Tonka toy trucks. These unique brand of Made in USA toy trucks are built tough to withstand the rough play and high risk break environment of kids from 3 years old and upwards.

Tonka is a world famous American toy company that is best known for the Tonk toy trucks and tonka construction equipment they make. They have been making toys and toy trucks since 1947. A record of more than 60 years and not only parents of today’s kids but there grandmother and grandfather too would likely have played with a toy tonka truck at one time or another.

Tonka is so very good at producing touch durable truck toys because the company that started manufacturing Tonka toys, called Mound Metalcraft was originally a gardening equipment manufacturer. As you know garden equipment had to be tough and Mound Metalcraft thought to apply their knowledge of tough garden tools to toys. So they venture into building the best toughest and durable toys and trucks for kids. They were able to fulfill their hope and today the large collection of toy trucks they build are known as one of the toughest toy trucks ever produced.

Tonka has a large collection of toy trucks today for sale. They range from different kinds of construction and transport toy trucks to cranes, steam shovels, mighty crane, shovel, bulldozer, roller, load master, mixer among many more designs of toy Tonka trucks for sale. Tonka company that began with just two kinds of toy trucks now r a multitude of different designs and play sets and models. Tonka say that in the 60 years they have been producing Tonka toys they have manufactured over 250 million of them. Whatever kind of toy truck you are looking for Tonka is today most likely able to provide you one, with the best high quality durable toy you will find anywhere. If you want to see specific Tonka toys and models and want to buy one of them here at Toy Truck Toy dot Com website we have featured in several pages dedicated to Tonka toy trucks.

So whichever Tonka truck toys and models you decide and select for a kid, you can rest assured in the knowledge that they have a great reputation for building some of the toughest and most durable toys around.

If you are looking for a tough toy truck that is difficult to break then I highly recommend you to buy a Mighty Tonka toy trucks.

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