Bugatti Veyron Collectible Car Models, Replicas And Remote Control Bugatti Cars

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The most expensive cars in the world today are Bugatti cars. These cars are hand made and only a few hundred of them exist todate. They are owned by a few extremely rich people and companies on the planet. However there is a way you can own a Bugatti car complete to the minute detail. That is by having a Bugatti Veyron model or any other models of the Bugatti collectible replica car models such as one of the below. They look exactly like the real thing you can actually joke around with your friends and say truthfully “I have a Bugatti at home! ”

There are many toy and model Buagati cars for sale in today and featured here are only a choice few which I thought good from their descriptions and comments made by those who bought them.

RC Remote Control Bugatti Veyron 16.4 on Rechargeable Batteries
rc bugatti veyron car
Made by: World Tech Toys.
Type of Car: Collectible as well as RC remote control hobby/play model toy.
Description: This is the new Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sports RTR Electric RC Car. This RC car comes with a full function radio control remote that allows for forward, backward, left, right, and stop movement. A similar replica model remote control car like this is the remote controlled Ferrari model car we have elsewhere on this website. This comes with working headlights that allow you to drive in the light or in the dark. This car has a realistic interior cockpit and great attention to detail. Driving this at-least with a remote is the closest thing we are likely to get of driving a Buggati. A wall charger to recharge the batteries is also included though we have to buy the batteries separately. (Buy this on Amazon now)


1:12 Scale RC Remote Control Full Function with lights Race edition
bugatti veyron modelBUGGATI VEYRON Car

Made By: RC Bugatti
Type of Car: RC remote control hobby/play model toy.
Description: This is a full function remote control car made to the scale 1:12 of the real Bugatti Veyron race edition car with amazing level of detail. It has working headlights, taillights and underlights and will make a great toy for everyone. The speed of this RC Bugatti is surprising and but unlike the earlier car works on batteries not rechargable batteries (Buy this on Amazon Now)



1:18 Collectible Bugatti EB 16.4 Veyron Production Car
bugatti veyron eb 16.4
Made By Autoart Collectable Diecast makeer
Type of Car: Diecast Collectible Model
Description: Unlike the previously mentioned cars this car is a Bugatti Veyron scale model that is strictly made as a collectors item with an eve to a astonishing level of detail. In addition to the ice/pearl color car model shown here, this model is available for sale in other colors of the real EB 16.4 like red, dark blue etc. (Buy this on Amazon now)

I hope this post on Toy Truck Toys helps collectible car model collectors, remote control car fans as well as Bugatti car fans. If you find good Bugatti Car Models, Replicas and RC Bugatti Models and toy Buggati Cars like these please share them with everyone by leaving a comment about them below.

As for the real Bugatti cars, they are considered so unique and valuable they even come back to make history decades after they are made. Take the case of the most expensive car in the world today.  It is general acceptance that the Bugatti Veyron is the most expensive car ever. However some people claim a vintage Bugatti car model called the Bugatti Royal car is the most expensive car in the world because it is valued higher due to its antique value than the Bugatti Veyron supercar. Whatever the case is, you can be sure Bugatti is one of the most fascinating and most hi-tech car the world has ever seen.


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