Big Toy Truck For Kids From Tonka Tough Mighty Truck Toys

There are many big toy trucks for kids for sale online. Out of all the big toy trucks that are available today Tonka Toys that are made in USA seem to be the best you can get for the price you pay.

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For example here is the Tonka tough and mighty toy dump truck that looks like a giant Caterpillar dump truck you see in mining, excavating and construction sites. You can see how enjoyable and tough they are in the photos to this Tonka Mighty Toy truck you see here. Kids seem to love playing with a big truck like this that can carry them too. It has got a mid range toy price for a ride on toy truck like this. But its well worth it though. Tonka has stood behind the durability of this toy truck by covering it with a full lifetime warranty! That’s certainly interesting for a toy, since you normally have to expect kids to break any toy sooner or later.

Just look at the dimension of this big toy truck for kids. It’s clearly over-sized and measures 18 inches by 11-1/4 inches. The tires alone are 6-1/2-inch big! It tires are free rolling and you can tilt the dump truck bed. When you see so many toy trucks mass produced today using cheap quality plastics and flimsy materials that easily break, you got to give credit to Tonka toys made in USA for producing a high quality toy trucks for kids like these. Like the Tonka Garbage toy truck mentioned earlier this Tonka dump toy truck is also made with very durable rugged plastic body and tires making it safe for kids to play them even in wet, muddy ground conditions.

tonka mighty dump truck

I wish other toy manufacturers also follow Tonka toys example. There are many other big toy trucks for kids for sale today with sometimes much more detail and advanced features in their toy model trucks but not as useful or durable and tough to withstand the abuse and rough playing you should expect from a energetic kid and specially small boys and girls.

Another thing about the big Tonka toy trucks are the use of heavy-duty steel on them. The dump bed on this toy dump truck is made of heavy-duty steel–just the way parents will remember this toy. A plastic handle on the front of the dump bed provides a sturdy grip for tilting the bed to drop a heavy load and ease the bed back to a horizontal position again.

So if you are looking for a big toy truck a kid then one of the Tonka big toy trucks will make a very good present. Any kid will want to own a large truck like this and they are sure to have hours of fun with this authentic-looking toy dump truck.
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