5 Best Swing Sets Reviews & Comparison for Backyard & Outdoor Fun

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A swing set is one of the most exciting purchases you can make for your children. Most families will only ever buy one swing set, so you need to you get a swing set that meets your needs, fits your budget, and won’t result in regrets later? Every child deserves to play with the best swing set available and they should be safe havens for our children. They should be designed provide fun and create lovely experience with childhood memories, safety and durability in mind. With this in mind here is a our carefully selected list of the best swing sets for sale in the market today.

When looking for the best swing sets its easy to be distracted and infatuated by the accessories and amenities of different swing set models on offer today. Some swing sets have a wider range of accessories, higher safety features and even different configuration possibilities. These cost more but they aspire to transport kids and parents back to a pre-high-tech era, when playtime required fresh air, exercise, friends and imaginations.

Best Swing Sets Comparison

This comparison chart will allow you to compare these top rated swing sets, and help you make a informed decision about which is best for you depending on your requirements, preference and budget.

Swing SetNameRecommended AgeDimensionsPrice
Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play set, Freestanding3 - 12 Years14 x 15.7 Feet
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Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber and Swing1 - 3 Years4.4 x 4.3 x 3.4 Feet
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Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing SetKids of All Ages13.5 x 10.5 x 9.3 Feet
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Flexible Flyer "World Of Fun" Swing Set2 - 10 Years17.8 x 10 x 6 Feet
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Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set with 9 Foot Wavy SlideKids of All Ages13.8 x 18.6 Feet
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Top Swing Sets Reviews

All of us have sweet memories of playing on swings at home, at a playground in our neighborhood and at recess in our school yards. Swing sets are a fundamental part of childhood experiences. Having a great swing set at your home, school and parks encourages children to play outside. Good swing sets that have good features and activity options inspire more active outdoor play. This in turn helps your children build muscles, strength, imaginations, coordination and communication skills. With this in mind we hope you checkout our best swing set and playset reviews below.

Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set

heavy duty swing set

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For a big and tall basic swing set that’s easier to put together this Lifetime swing set is a great option. The taller a swing is, the wider it will swing and the more fun it will be. Specially as they grow older kids love to have wild, long swings. This swing set is about 9 feet tall, so can cater to that desire even as your kids grow older. The arc of this swings a good 17-18 feet. So this is a great swingset if your kids like to swing high.

This is a product of Lifetime, a famous swing set brand with 30 year long history in the industry. They are known for providing high quality and durable outdoor playsets. Includes 2 belt swings, and a trapeze bar with gym rings. Constructed of all-weather heavy duty low alloy steel. The steel swing pole structure with a 3 inch diameter is big and makes the whole swing very strong. The chains are Zinc-coated for rust resistance. Swing seats and gym rings are made of UV-protected polyethylene plastic and are very comfortable. There are also rubberized grip covering on the chains which prevents pinching while holding them. The set is backed by a 5-year limited warranty. Available in Primary color or Earthtone color finishes.

  • A a very large heavy duty swing set, playground quality, made with industrial grade steel
  • Lacks advanced play options but great if you are looking for a simple swing set with little maintenance and longest durability
  • Excellent height. 9 feet tall. Creates a wide swinging arc of around 17-18 feet. Great as kids grow older and want to swing higher
  • Easy to assemble. Directions are clear though you will need two people for certain stages of assembly
  • Some kids might miss the fun and excitement of the slider that comes standard with most swing sets.
  • Would have been better if the bolts that come with it were also stainless steel hardware. Couple of complains from customers about bolts rusting after sometime. Luckily rusting bolts can be replaced with stainless steel non-rust bolts that can be got from a local hardware store.
Age: for Kids of All Ages

Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play set, Freestanding

A-frame swing set

Age: 3 – 12 Years

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The Lifetime Big Adventure playset is the best metal swing set we can recommend to you. This is constructed totally out of powder-coated steel and high-density hard plastic (polyethylene). Many customers concerned about how top dollar wooden swing sets will last in harsh outdoor conditions have bought this Lifetime metal play set and seen satisfaction and fun for their kids. This set has a three position swing bar with nice spacing between swings. It comes with 2 belt swings and trapeze bar. If you need, you can buy and replace one of these swing positions with a bucket swing seat for toddlers. As kids get older they want to swing higher and this set has a nice height for that too. Other features of this set includes a 9-feet wavy slide, elevated clubhouse with hardtop roof, a uniquely-designed 3-D Climbing Wall. Inside the clubhouse you get features you don’t even see in the best kids outdoor playhouses. Inside this small clubhouse you can find a activity Chalkboard, binoculars and even a ships wheel to go sailing or play pirate.

Because of the metal material, its build there’s less chance you might see issues like split, rot, decay or come across problems like loosening boards and planks like you experience in wooden swing sets overtime. As a result maintenance is also less in this Lifetime metal set. So many people wanting a comprehensive outdoor playset with swings and stuff buy this set.

This outdoor swing set requires assembly. Thankfully its easier than other large swing sets for kids. Two adults can assemble the full play set within a day. Taking time prior to sort the items and follow the directions step by step makes it still more easy.

Backyard Discovery Prairie Ridge All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

The Prairie Ridge Playset is another good outdoor swing set from Backyard Discovery. Its a more budget friendly version of the larger Backyard Discovery Skyfort playset we saw earlier. But everything is build to the same high standards with ceder wood, quality hardware and UV-resistant plastic components. Activity features include, 2 belt swings, a two-person glider swing, 8-foot wave slide, monkey bar, upper play deck with canopy roof. There’s a built-in bench and a sandbox area beneath the play deck. The elevated deck is 4 feet above ground and can be reached using the standard ladder or scaling across the monkey bar. A nice cozy setup and well thought out.

Assembly required. Comes in long boxes with all parts, attachments and instructions included. Need a couple of pairs of strong hands and a mechanically inclined mind to put this together. Many customers have hired professional help or a company to set it up. Some adventurous customers took their own time and assembled it as a family project and providing a learning experience for their children. Once assembled correctly its very sturdy and covers a ground area of 20 x 11 feet approx. Tallest point about 9 feet. This swing set model comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty on defects on parts and 5 year pro-rated warranty on wood for rot and decay. With proper maintenance and care it can last for many more years. We think the price is a bargain for the size and play features.

  • More affordable than other large ready-made swing sets for the array of features and size. Provides good value for money.
  • A all Ceder wood playset with plenty of play options. The clubhouse, 8-foot slider, monkeybar, bend and sandbox and 3 position swing bar which comes with double glider swing set and 2 belt swings. You can also add a toddler swing seat for smaller kids and toddlers if needed.
  • There are customer concerns posted online about wood quality and thickness. Some customers had experienced wood chip and splintering. Thankfully it comes with a 1 year warranty on all parts and 5-year pro-rate warranty on all wood for rot and decay. Company responsive and customers have got replacements when needed.
  • Some have expressed concerns about this playset’s sturdiness, when they opened the boxes and saw the planks and parts. But once they put every plank, bolt, screw and hardware in place, the safety and sturdiness comes together and the whole play set structure is safe and sound.
  • Assembly takes time and some experience. Once correctly assembled, its a quality sturdy structure for years of play.
Age: 3 – 10 Years

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Kettler Home Playground Equipment: Trimmstation Swing Set

This is a very high quality, sturdy outdoor metal swing set from Kettler. It is a European product, made in Germany. The play set comes with a height adjustable board swing, a vertical ladder, monkey bars, pull-up bar and a climbing rope. The array of bars encourages fun excercising and skills development. A child starts using this swing set from a early age will have a wide range of finely developed athletic and adventure skill sets to be proud of later on and which will also help them in sports and life.

This Kettler metal swing set and gym-station, meets the high expectation of customers as a very sturdy swing set. The powder coat, fade-resistant paint holds up well even after many years of use. The bright, primary color finish is aesthetically pleasing and very attractive for kids. Once fully assembled this metal single swing playset covers a ground area of 11.5 by 11 feet. Maximum supported weight is 300 pounds, so several kids can use this play set at once. Its height is 78 inches, around 6.5 feet, ideal for kids in the recommended age range of 3-8 years. This Kettler metal swing set carries a five year warranty for residential use only. The set comes with ground anchors included which need to be anchored to the ground with concrete to make it completely stable and a permanent outdoor fixture.

  • The Swing is of solid construction. (Need to solidly anchor it with concrete on the ground or it might rock)
  • Excellent outdoor activity center and skills developer. Encourages kids towards exercise from a small age from a fun point. Climbing rope, pull-up bar, moneky bar and ladder develops kids muscles and outdoor skills to a high level. Great for also practicing skills and moves they learn in school gym lessons. Even after years of use, parents report their kids still find challenging things to do on it and they can see them using it for several more years.
  • Brightly colored powder coated finish holds up well over years. Kids love the primary color finish.
  • Height only 78 inches or 6.5 feet. Excellent for the recommended 3-8 kids range but not for older kids. But this has got the correct age appropriate spacing between bars and the bars and ground.
  • 5-year warranty for residential use only.
  • Assembly instructions are illustrated images only and somewhat difficult to follow. However assembling this swing sets isn’t that hard, few hours work even alone. Its easier, if you take the time to lay out all the pieces including the hardware first. Finally dig some holes and pour concrete.
Age: 3 – 8 Years

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Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Playset

This is the most interesting and best swing set you can get in our opinion. It is very large and has everything. Features both a clubhouse and a lower playdeck, 2 belt swings, a slide, a swing glider, a sandbox and even monkey bars. And its a product by Backyard Discovery who are part of the largest swing set company in the United States and even in the world. They have manufactured some of the best outdoor playsets like this for over 30 years. Backyard Discovery are also good in after sales service and have hots you can easily reach when needed The wood used here is 100% cedar wood, which is known for its resistance to mold and decay. Plastic components are durable and UV resistant. Comes in parts, assembly required. Takes up approximate ground space of 22 x 17 feet. About 12 feet high. The swings and the skyfort clubhouse can support weight well. So no weight issues about using from smallest kids well into late teen years. The comprehensive Backyard Discovery wooden swing set is also backed by a 1-year limited warranty on all parts and a 5-year pro-rated warranty on wood decay and rot.

  • This is the most comprehensive swing set product we came across. Has everything, 2 belt swings, a swing glider, 10-foot wave slide, sandbox, monkey bars, a elevated kids fort with a front port, crows nest and a picnic table for four beneath. There’s also a rock climbing wall and a standard playset ladder. It really brings the playground to your backyard.
  • Can invite the whole neighborhood over to play. This wooden swing set from Backyard Discovery can easily accommodate about a dozen children at once. Great for having friends over, kids parties. Less chance for fights among your kids over whose playing what.
  • Meets ASTM Standards safety standards which ensures kids are safe.
  • Known to hold up well through years of winters, storms and hot summers with low maintenance. (This set or any other is not totally maintenance free. All hardware should be checked regularly.)
  • Assembly is a pain. Lots of work putting it together. It comes in four large and heavy boxes with everything included. Comes with instructions and labeled parts. Can take 2-3 full days for two strong and experienced people to put it together. Highly recommend hiring professionals to assemble this huge playset. The final assembled swing set is very sturdy when built correctly. Worth the effort because kids really love it.
Age: 3 – 10 Years

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Types of Swing Sets

Swing And Slide Sets

Metal Swing Sets

The structure is manufactured using only the highest quality heavy gauge Super 40 galvanized steel.

Wooden swing sets

Best Swing Set Brands

Backyard Discovery

Backyard Discovery is part of the largest swing set company in the United States and in the world. Backyard Discovery has been manufacturing playsets for over 30 years and have their corporate offices in Pittsburg, KS. They have a vast array of outdoor swing and playset models for sale. They are also the best selling swing set manufacturer in the Internet and you can see hundreds of reviews for their popular swingset models listed in online stores like Amazon.

Rainbow Play Systems

Rainbow Play Systems is one of America’s Most Trusted Brand Names for swing sets. They have been building swing sets for over 30 years under Building Childhood Memories® and have more than 200 swing set designs to choose from. This huge variety of Rainbow swing sets are manufactured in Brookings, South Dakota and shipped to over 200 Rainbow Showrooms in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico and Europe. President Obama was a customer of Rainbow. The Obama family was a prominent customer of Rainbow swing sets. The famous White House swing set and playset was manufactured by this company and placed on the south lawn just outside the Oval Office of the White House from 2009 until the president left.


Lifetime Products is another famous swing set brand. Begun 1986, Lifetime Products have become a highly trusted brand quickly for many items including swing sets, playsets, picnic tables, then folding tables and chairs. They are keeping on expanding their leadership to sheds, kayaks, and more.

CedarWorks Playsets

CedarWorks is another great brand for kids swing sets. They have been manufacturing some very high quality, very interesting outdoor swing sets and playsets since 1981. They also offer custom configured outdoor swing sets, indoor playsets, bunk beds, loft beds and playhouses.

Kettler Germany

Kettler is a reputed German company with locations worldwide including Kettler USA. They are most famous for kids products like riding toys, bicycles, leisure gear and exercise equipment. They have lot of experience with building innovative and durable kids products with metal and plastic. The Kettler Trimmstation Swing Set reviewed here is a example for their high quality and durable outdoor kids toys and products.

The Bottom Line

We hope you found our best swing set reviews and comparison guide beneficial.

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