Fisher-Price Power Wheels Dune Racer: 12V Battery Powered Ride-on Vehicle

Wal-mart has named the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Dune Racer Ride-on in their hot toy list for the holiday season 2012. That effectively makes this ride on the hottest battery-powered ride-on toy vehicle of the year!

Power Wheels Racer

What’s so special about this ride-on? They say to get into the action with its Monster Traction System! Because it won’t get stuck where the others do! Nevertheless lets have a look at its features and abilities which will reveal its secret of success.

Power Wheels Dune Racer 12-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On has the following details and features:

  • Battery-powered Dune Racer features big, rugged tires, flashy chrome accents and sturdy steel frame.
  • Roomy open cockpit design, seat belts for added play, and storage under the hood!
  • 2 forward speeds and 1 reverse speed (Drives in 2.5 and 5mph forward and 2.5 mph in reverse)
  • Maximum speed: 5 mph
  • Power Lock brakes
  • High-speed lock out for beginners (Lockout high-speed gear & make kids to go at slow speed only)
  • Comes with a 12V battery and charger included
  • Battery delivers 50 minutes of continuous driving
  • Requires 14-18 hours to completely charge
  • Dimensions: 53″L x 32″W x 24″H
  • Maximum weight capacity: 130 lbs (That’s about 55-60 kg)
  • Power Wheels ride-on requires adult assembly; instructions included

At a glance these are its best features. What about my reasons to buy this ride-on?

1) Its a battery-powered ride-on vehicle that is designed for outdoor use. Specially for off-road driving. Kids love off-road driving don’t they? Aren’t grown-ups always telling them to keep off the highway? Now they can. They just didn’t have a good vehicle to keep off the road. Now with this ride-on designed specially to suit off-road driving will be an adventure for them to explore the gentle hills and moles of their home gardens as well as the rough and tumbled lawns, and wild countryside near their homes.

2) The next feature is its got a thing called Monster Traction system. This Monster Traction System gives the young rider the ability to drive on hard surfaces, wet grass, and rough terrain. Basically because of this technology only makes this Power Wheels car a off-road specialist.

dune racer cargo

3) Its also got good speed for a battery-powered kids ride-on. You can drive it in 2 speed modes. 2-1/2 and 5 miles per hours. You can reverse it at 2-1/2 miles per hour. That’s a very good speed for a ride-on. Even the John Deere Peg Perego Gator ride-on does only 4.5 miles per hour. This 5 mph is not very fast so parents and guardians will feel safe leaving their kids with it. Its not too slow to make the kids want to go faster. Of course they would want to go faster than 5 miles per hour but a toy vehicle should have limits.

4) This Battery operated Power Wheels Dune Racer Ride-on has got metal sidebars for hand support and practice seat-belts. Its never too early to learn about safety and practice it. With them kids will be safe while they drive this Power Wheels even when they are going at 5 mph through rough and tumbled off roading grounds and countryside.

fisher price dune racer

5) Five, like all Power Wheels vehicles this Dune Racer too has got a hard, sturdy steel frame that has been tried and test for durability and safety. So parents and guardians can rest at ease that they have bought a good ride-on toy car for there kids.

6) Next advantage is, like all ride-on vehicles of this nature this Power Wheels Dune Racer comes with a 12-volt battery and charger with it. So you don’t need to have to buy them separately or pay extra for them. All that’s needed to start and get this kids off-road machine running is included within its packaging.

7) What about parts and replacements in future? This is a Fisher-Price Power Wheels branded product. So they have got replacements you will need in future like batteries, chargers and other parts for this in the market. If you can’t find them in your locality you can order them through the Internet in places like Amazon, Ebay, not to mention Fisher-Price website itself.

dune racer rideon8) Finaly where can you buy this? You can buy it at many places. But I can recommend you to buy it through Amazon. Why? Because I trust Amazon. And secondly it is available there at a reasonable price.

To buy it now or find out more about this great looking ride on checkout Power Wheels Dune Racer at Amazon.


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