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After mostly focusing on truck toys, I decided I’ll review some other kind of toy today. So I thought with you I will have a look at mind puzzles games and toys for sale. For this I picked 5 fun filled mind puzzle games that are best sellers in educational family toys niche market. These toys are very good test your mind while providing an entertainment. Mind puzzle games like the below one’s usually make an excellent present to smart teenagers and adults who love mathematics and solving puzzles. Even though they are small, some of them can be as challenging as making the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle. The less challenging one’s are even good for smaller kids. It’s always good to start them young by giving them challenges like these regularly. (If you want to buy any of these mind puzzle games click on the image and it will take you to the sales page on popular Amazon.com online store.)

WARNING: These mind puzzles have small parts. CHOKING HAZARD. Do not allow kids under 3 years even near one these.

1) Rubik’s Professor Cube 5×5 by Winning Moves

rubiks cube gameEverybody loves the standard 3×3 Rubik’s Cube, but see what kind of brain-teasing fun you can have with this oversized 5×5 rubik cube. This is a must-have for the true Rubik’s aficionado. Includes one 5×5 rubik cube.









2) Gordians Knot by Think Fun Games

mind puzzle fun An ancient mystery is reinvented for mind-bending, modern-day fun. Gordian’s Knot Brainteaser Challenge from ThinkFun is based on the Gordian knot tied by Midas. The Great Oracles proclaimed that the person who solved the puzzle would rule the world.

This colorful knot features six interlocking pieces, but it takes a whopping 69 different moves to take the knot apart. By sliding the six pieces past each other, the Gordian’s Knot will come apart. Some pieces will easily move throughout the process, but beware — that doesn’t mean you made the right move. Game comes with a 40-page, step-by-step solution book in case you get stumped, and helps you put the knot back together once the puzzle is solved. For one player.




3) Fifteen Puzzle by Think Fun

fifteen puzzle game Fifteen Puzzles are one of the world’s most recognized and popular puzzles. The Fifteen Puzzle is a classic numerical nightmare, originally introduced in 1880. Binary Arts has recreated it in smooth, polished metal and decorative enamel, just as it appeared at the height of its popularity during the 1930s. Scramble the 15 numbered tiles in the tray, then try to slide them into correct numerical order. Enclosed booklet features over 30 additional challenges; handy leatherette carry bag included.

Features Stainless steel construction for smooth operation and durability, handy travel case and over 30 challenges included in booklet. The perfect pocket-size travel game.




4) Mind Twister Tree Wire Puzzle (A Modern Chinese Ring Puzzle)

chinese ring puzzleThis puzzle is amazing! When you look at it you think its just some twisted wires. But no. Look close. The solution is over 80 moves! The game or aim is to find the right path to remove the handle and remember which moves you executed correctly so you can assemble the puzzle together. This puzzle is a modern version of the Chinese ring puzzle. It’s mind boggling. It’s very difficult. Difficulty rating 10.

Only downside I see is the listed price for is too expensive. There are many more versions of this modern Chinese ring puzzles at Amazon.com for sale. You might like to check them all though when I checked they are challenging but were too expensive for me.




5) Family Games XS Head Stress Series Gray Matter IQ Collection Puzzle

mind puzzle exercise Whole family can join in and test their mind muscles together solving this puzzle. It is a beautiful configuration of cubes, diamonds and pyramidal design. This wooden mind puzzle is easy to look at, but challenging to solve. There are over 24 interlocking wooden puzzle pieces of various length to make up the puzzle. The object is to disassemble then reassemble this structure. It also includes a wood display base. The difficulty level is rated as 3 meaning very difficult and once assemble it’s just 5 inches in diameter. If your playing this with your family then take car of small kids. Not suitable for kids below 8 years.


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  1. My 13 year old loves stuff like this. She loves all kinds of logic games and puzzles so thanks for sharing these. Happy holidays!

  2. Wow some of these look pretty complicated (in a good way). I’m always shown up by my kids and husband on these kind of puzzle toys. Thanks for picking out this selection.

    1. Let me help you Mary with little trick. Buy one of these mind puzzle games and before giving it to your family checkout online how to solve it. Let your family first struggle with them and then show them up for once by following the advice you read online and solving it quickly before them. Yeah, you may say its sneaky but own it up later to them 🙂

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