2021 Hess Truck News & Updates

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This post is dedicated for the upcoming 2021 Hess truck. Going by tradition there’s a year more for the 2021 Hess truck to be released. According to past tradition the 2021 Hess truck will only be released on 1st November 2021.

However if you are looking for the latest Hess truck, the latest Hess truck is the 2020 Hess truck pictured below.

2020 Hess truck

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Here is the latest 2020 Hess Truck released for the 2020/2021 holiday season. Officially called the Hess Toy Truck 2020 Ambulance and Rescue, it is now available for sale at Amazon here #ad.

Breaking with tradition Hess released the 2020 Hess toy truck earlier than ever before at 22nd October 2020! So you never know, the 2021 Hess toy truck might be released on a similar or earlier day!

You also can checkout the 2019 Hess truck below.

You can checkout 2019 Hess truck at Amazon.com #Ad. This 2019/2020 Holiday season Hess toy truck was released on 1st November 2019.

What Will 2021 Hess Truck Look Like?

No one knows for sure. What the 2021 Hess truck will look like is a closely guarded secret by Hess corporation.

2021 Hess Toy Truck release date

Even though we expect the 2021 Hess truck to be released on 1st of November 2021 it can happen even before that. For the 2020 Hess truck, Hess corporation broke with tradition and released the 2020 Hess toy truck on the 22nd October 2020. So who knows, Hess company may release the 2021 Hess truck even before 1st November 2021. Stay tuned…

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