2012 Hess Toy Truck – 18 Wheeler Flatbed Tractor Trailer With Airplane

Remember watching the Hess toy truck commercial of their toy trucks where kids sing, “Hess trucks are back and better than ever”? Keeping up with tradition in May 2012 Hess released this year’s edition of the miniature 2012 Hess toy truck which you can see in the pictures below. I have included photos of this 2012 Hess truck taken from different angles so you can see how it looks like from different sides. It’s very difficult to find this 2012 mini Hess truck online at reasonable prices, so if you want to buy you can get it now at Amazon.

hess truck trailer

This 2012 Hess mini truck turned out to be a mini replica of the 2002 Hess truck 18-wheeler flatbed tractor trailer and airplane. The Hess truck and tractor trailer has got working lights and a flatbed that doubles as a landing pad for the bi-plane. The bi-plane has got a working rotor and “2012” marked on the cockpit.hess truck 2012

This Miniature 2012 Hess truck with an airplane is the 15th addition to the more collector friendly Hess miniature trucks series. This miniature model version of the 2002 Hess truck and airplane is the most detailed Hess mini truck set yet to come out from them!  Like you can see in the above picture this Hess truck too comes direct from Hess in master cases.

hess toy trucks

This is the small plastic pedestal that comes with this 2012 Hess mini truck so that you can easily display it in your Hess truck collection or showcase in your living room for friends and visitors to admire.

2012 hess plane

This is how the 2012 mini Hess plane looks like close up. Can you see the year “2012” marked in the cockpit?

hess toy truck


Only a limited quantity of these Hess trucks are released and they are sold exclusively through Hess gas stations around the US. The retail price of this Hess mini truck used to be less than ten dollars in Hess gas stations. But even in Hess gas stations the stocks are frequently over and I’ve seen some online websites sell this as much as twice its original retail price. That’s unfair but things like that happen due to the limitation of local Hess gas stations to only 16 states of the U.S. and its limited manufactured quantity. In addition to this the demand is high due to its popularity among kids and truck collectors alike for Hess toy trucks.

2012 hess truck

This mini Hess truck and plane also have got the traditional color scheme of green and white. Just as a note for the Hess truck fan in you, this green and white color scheme has been the norm for Hess toy trucks since 1987. 1987 is also the same year when Hess decided to release Hess toy collectibles of vehicles not in their fleet of real Hess trucks.

hess mini truck

This is an amazingly detailed and well made miniature Hess truck and plane set but personally I feel the 2002 Hess truck of this same thing is much better because it is larger.

2012 hess mini

hess mini truck 2012

If you have not yet got this 2012 Hess mini truck I highly recommend you order now at Amazon.com before it goes out of stock. Don’t forget to leave your comments below about this truck and plane!

So that’s the news about Hess truck toys. I’m looking forward for the regularly and bigger 2012 Hess truck. What do you think it will be?

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