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Snow Plow Toy Truck For Sale (Mack Granite Winter Truck)

snow plow toy truckHere is a very beautiful little model snow plow toy truck from German Bruder toys. It is meant for children above 3 years of age. This is an exact replica of the real Mack Granite Snow Plow truck you see cleaning and unblocking roads and highways during winter in American roads.

This snow plow truck is perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, & special occasions. This truck toy is very big measuring nearly 2 feet in length like the Bruder toy dump truck. It quite heavy as it weighs 6 pounds. This snow plow toy’s full product Dimensions stand as 25.8 x 9.8 x 7.7 inches and weighs 6 pounds.

The only downside of this attention to detail is the snow plow and other small gadgets in the Bruder truck is not good for rough playing. So this truck’s parts will break if kids dash the toys on the floor or handle them roughly. Other than that this snow plow truck toy is a wonderful plastic toy truck you can get anywhere in the world.

Kids between 4 to 12 years will love to play with a special toy truck like this snow plow toy truck. It’s made in Germany by the famous toy maker Bruder toys and is one of the set of toy trucks that are based on real life trucks under Bruder Pro Series toys. The slogans “just like the real thing” hold especially true for this product line.

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