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Big Construction Dump Ride On Toy Truck For Toddlers 1 To 3 Year Old

Here is huge and amazingly very cheap huge toy truck. It’s a very big Construction Ride On Toy Truck For Toddlers 1 To 3 Year Old.
Toy Truck Toddlers

This big CAT dump and construction truck is made by Mega Bloks and is a toy truck that has 3 in 1 play styles. Size wise it measures more than 2 feet in length by 15″ inches in height and 8.5″ inches in width.

Further More here are some more advantages of this ride on toy truck for toddlers age 1 to 3.
* 3-in1 play pattern
* Push-behind walker
* Great for polishing fine motor skills and distinguishing colors and shapes
* Stimulates imagination and discovery of shapes, colors and sizes

This truck is very good for helping toddlers transition from crawling, to walking, to riding! Toddlers will have a blast scooping up toy bricks and small toys, dumping them out of the dump bed, and driving a big toy truck like this for the very first time. Perfectly built for little bodies, this construction 3-in-1 Ride-On Toy Dump Truck is the right height for kids who still spend much of their time crawling and playing on the floor.

mega bloks truck
Further this big ride-on toy truck creates engine sounds when pushed forward; rolled backward, it beeps to make sure no one’s in the truck’s blind spots. Whether or not construction sounds are a part of your daily life, the toy’s realistic noises can grow a little tiresome. Thankfully, the truck toy doesn’t have to be turned on to be played with and comes completely assembled. While this dump truck is too heavy for children to pick up, its design is compact enough for parents to move it with one hand from one room to the next, or quickly pack it in the back seat of the car.

It’s a ride-on dump truck, block set and building platform, all in one! This CAT branded Ride-On Dump Truck comes with a dumping bin, working horn, gearshifts, over sized wheels and authentic “big truck” sounds. Small Kids can hop on for a ride, or push it along. Includes 10 Maxi blocks. Requires 3 “AA” batteries to power the lights and make the sounds. (3 AA batteries included). The truck toy holds up to 55 pounds.
big ride on truck

There are some drawbacks of this otherwise great toy truck. One is the badly designed truck bed. In order to ride the dump bed has to be up because the seat is underneath. Therefore, a kid cannot ride and haul with this dump truck at the same time. The second is the truck bed clipping in place issue. Some customers have complained that front of the truck is too low to the floor to give a smooth ride on carpet with a child sitting on the toy or in garden grass lawns.

ride on toy truck

So if it was not for these drawbacks and problems with its realistic truck sounds and building blocks, the 3-in-1 Ride On Dump Truck should make a excellent toy truck and a gift for any small child. That’s the story of this big Dump Construction Ride On Toy Truck For Toddlers 1 To 3 Year Old.

You can now buy this truck at Amazon at a reasonable price.


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