4 Bestselling Toy Garbage Trucks For Kids

stinky gabage truck

Stinky The Robotic Garbage Truck from Matchbox toys. (click images for more info or to buy)

Kids love toy garbage trucks because it is something they see every day. They watch with fascination the garbage trucks that come to the house to collect garbage. The way garbage is lifted into it and crushed making a loud noise is an amazing thing to their little mind. Garbage trucks which are overlooked and taken for granted by grown ups are spectacular machines for kids that leaves their mark in kids imagination.

As it is a gift to a child, you want to get the best toy garbage truck. Therefore go for quality over quantity and reasonable priced one than a cheap one. Today there are enough and more toys for sale from thousands of manufacturers. There may be toy garbage trucks which are very cheap and you can get two or three instead of one good quality product but that is not satisfactory.


Bruder Garbage Truck Toy Models

mb garbage truck toy

Bruder Toysis one toy manufacturer we often recommend for they have some interesting toy trucks including toy garbage trucks for sale. Their truck toys are realistic looking detailed scale models of the real trucks. For instance you find these cute and complete garbage cans that dump stuff at the back or side of the truck. In some models with the press of a knob on the side you can compress the garbage dumped at the back of the truck. Any kid will love to experience crushing small things using one of these.

garbage toy trucks

Bruder Toys Man Side Loading Garbage Truck Orange.


Tonka Toy Garbage Trucks

Then you get garbage toy trucks for kids from Tonka toys which is another famous toy brand. They have toys for a wider age range than Bruder toys. Small recycling truck toys for younger kids are available in their Chuck and Friend toy series while bigger models are their for older kids as well. One of their best selling products is the big Tonka Go Green Garbage Transport truck.


Stinky The Robotic Garbage Truck

You also got Stinky the robotic garbage toy truck from Matchbox toys in the market. It is one toy that got very famous in the last few years. It is a advance and quality product that can be a truck or a robot like in the Transformers movie. The garbage truck converts into a funny talking and singing robot at the touch of a button which children of a wide age range find extremely interesting.


Green Toys Recycle Truck

recycled plastic truck

Green Toys Recycling Truck.

Our final featured toy garbage truck for sale is the push and pull recycling truck for toddlers from Green Toys. It is called the Green Toys Recycling Truck and is claimed to be made from 100% curbside-collected recycled milk jugs! The idea behind this toy is to help kids to learn recycling basics at a early age while playing with this garbage transport truck.


Go through all the good trucks for sale and select one that best suits the small one you are going to gift it to. Comments are open to discuss your choices and experience with garbage truck toys and also tell us about other good toy garbage trucks in the market.



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12 Responses to 4 Bestselling Toy Garbage Trucks For Kids

  1. You are not kidding about kids loving their garbage truck. I remember some years back, coming back from France with a 5 year old kid and two not one 2 large tonka trucks. You should have seen the airline attendant. She told me I could not take them. So I told her to explain it to the child. We came home with both trucks. So I really know about a child’s love for his trucks.

  2. Do you have branches in the United Kingdom

  3. Too cute! I had girls so these kinds of things were not in my house.

  4. My 5 year old absolutely loves his garbage trucks and dump trucks! He loves loading them up with different things :-). I like the recycle one myself :-).

  5. Boys will be boys… and I LOVE the Green Recycle truck… made from recycling what a Great idea…

  6. All of our kids (boys and girls) played with garbage trucks. A family fave.

  7. Boys and girls ( i know I did!) will love their trucks!! Wonderful idea to make them from recycled material! Wow!

  8. It’s amazing how realistic these trucks are. I confess, I wouldn’t mind checking out the model that can compress and crush things myself!

  9. These are great! I know little kids love the garbage truck. My brother sure did… he was VERY fascinated with it and of course wanted to be a ‘garbage man’ for about a month 😉

  10. My boys love their trucks…i think the Tonka ones that they have outside in the yard are their favorites =]

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