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6 Metal Tonka Trucks Released For Tonka Toys 65th Anniversary!

Tonka steel trucks are back! I’m sure parents and fans of the old metal Tonka trucks are going to love this news.
tonka trucks metal

Tonka Toy’s 65th anniversary falls this 2012. So Tonka says they have released 12 new Tonka toy vehicles made out of metal and 6 of them are some kind of metal trucks! Have a look at those 6 new metal Tonka trucks below. (I have got all photos about these Tonka truck from the Tonka Funrise website and added my opinion and information based on my research.)

Many Tonka truck fans who grew up playing with hard, durable Tonka steel trucks were complaining for sometime now about the lack of steel Tonka trucks. These Tonka metal fans want to buy steel toy trucks for their kids and grand-kids but couldn’t find new Tonka steel trucks like the old classic Tonka steel dump truck that were there for sale by Tonka in the 1960s and 70s. Now, after many years of lapse, seems like Tonka has again started producing those steel toy trucks.
tonka classic truck

1) Here is the new steel Classic Mighty Dump Truck built again for tough play! Tonka says this truck is very sturdy, made out of steel construction and is ready for the toughest loading jobs. You can move the bed up and down to trigger its unloading action! They guaranteed this and the other 11 steel Tonka vehicles release with this for life!

I think this Classic dump truck is already available on Amazon. However I don’t know whether these new Tonka metal truck models are fully made out of metal or only some parts of the truck are made out of metal and the rest of the truck body and wheels are made out of rugged, durable plastic. For example an Amazon comment made before this 65th edition trucks were released read, “I ordered the Classics from Amazon, because the only steel part on the TS400 was the yellow dumper….Still, the only steel part is the dumper.” If anyone knows whether these 65th anniversary Tonka trucks are fully or partly made out of metal or steel please let us know through the comments, and enlighten me and all those who are going to read this article. In the meantime I’ve asked Tonka about this and will see what there response is!

Also note, Tonka toys first came to the market in 1947 and today it is a trademark owned by Hasbro Toys Corporation who also makes Hot Wheels etc. These Tonka metal trucks have been manufactured by Funrise Toys Corp. under licensed from Hasbro Toys Corporation.

tonka steel trucks

2) This is another of the new Tonka metal series trucks. Tonka says, this new metal Tonka Toughest Mighty dump truck is built oversized. I think its a remodeled version of the classic Tonka steel truck, built to look like the big dump trucks you see in construction sites of today. They say this Mighty Steel dumper will last and withstand even the toughest abuse thrown at it by kids. It comes complete with a moveable bed, ready to take charge in any construction zone!

Here is the Amazon page for this truck. But be aware that with this truck also I’ve seen some people advertise on the Internet that the truck sold on Amazon is made out of metal or steel when only its dump bed was made out of steel. The rest of the body was made out of a heavy-duty rugged type of plastic. Like I showed in my previous Tonka mighty dump truck review its a great truck that is durable and loads of fun regardless of whether it is built of steel or heavy-duty plastics. However it will be a disappointment for those who think it is made out of steel and but it and later find out that only the truck bed is metal!

tonka quarry truck

3) We can see the Classic Tonka Quarry truck is released again due to popular demand. If its really built out of steel its sure to last the maneuver through your kids deepest quarries in your backyard. Like all the other 5 Tonka trucks here its also free-wheeling truck with a moveable bed for dumping. I think a version of this is available on Amazon here.


metal tonka trucks

4) This Tonka Steel T.S. 4000 dump truck is also said to feature a Steel Construction, free-wheeling and tilt-able dump bed. Here is the link to T.S 4000 Amazon sales page.

tonka 4x4 truck

5) The only pickup truck in the new Tonka metal lineup. A lifted Tonka 4×4 pickup truck looks smart besides the other construction oriented vehicles around it. Plus it has got a working winch for towing action.  This is said to be a sturdy pick-up truck featuring  a steel construction and free-wheeling. This also is already for sale in Amazon.tonka tow truck

6) Tonka Classics Steel Tow truck is the only tow truck in the new Tonka metal line up. That’s good, when the other Tonka trucks break down or get stuck you can use this to tow them away. This Tonka tow truck’s got realistic design features like a four-position lift that really lifts and tows, and deep-cleated tires help young “drivers” maneuver tow operations like a professional! Best of all this tow truck is made with steel and guaranteed for life! With one like this your young “driver” will be the envy of the neighborhood sandbox! The amazon page for this model is found here.

The other six Tonka metal vehicles released for its 65th anniversary are two toy bulldozers, two front-end loaders, a road grader and a steel trench digger. There names are as follows. (I hope to write about them separately in future)

  • Tonka Classics Steel Mighty Bulldozer (Item No.: 90017)
  • Tonka Toughs Steel Bulldozer (Item No: 92961)
  • Tonka Steel T.S. 4000 Front End Loader (Item No.: 90026)
  • Tonka Steel Classics Front End Loader (Item No: 93920)
  • Tonka Toughs Steel Road Grader (Item No.: 92510)
  • Tonka Toughs Steel Trencher (Item No.: 92534)

So what do you think about the all new Tonka trucks and vehicles? Are you going to buy one of this? Who knows after all the 65th anniversary ones will be very valuable after sometime. If you keep them in good condition you can sell them as collectibles to collectors. I remember seeing even some unused 60th anniversary Tonka trucks for sale on some Internet sites for more than $100!

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