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7 Types of Tonka Fire Truck Toys For Sale

toy fire enginesFor many years now, Tonka fire trucks are probably the most well known and bestselling toy fire trucks in the world. However, when I decided to checkout Tonka fire trucks, I couldn’t find a single page on the Internet that gives a detailed comparison of them. Even the Hasbro Tonka toys website which is the owner and producer of the Tonka branded toy trucks did not give much detail. That is what inspired me to write this article and share details and information about all the currently available models of Tonka fire trucks for anyone interested in buying or researching about them. I hope this will help them make a informed decision about which toy fire truck to buy.

So featured below are the pictures and details about those different types of Tonka fire truck for sale today.

  1. Tonka Classic Fire Truck
  2. Tonka Mighty Motorized Fire Engine
  3. Tonka Strong Arm Fire Engine
  4. Tonka Mighty Strong Arms Fire Truck
  5. Funrise Tonka Lights And Sound Fire Truck
  6. Tonka Titans Fire Rescue Truck
  7. Tonka Radio Rescue Fire Engine

Each of these models are well known and varied in features and have been bestselling toy trucks in their categories for some years. I’m sure any kid will be very pleased to be given one of these toy fire trucks. They are sure to play and create countless happy memories with it while imagining situations in which it is needed. So go through them all and then decide what you want to buy.

Also note that Tonka fire trucks are not scale models of any real fire truck. As a result they don’t look exactly like any real fire truck. Tonka makes toy trucks for children to play with, and play rough and hard without breaking into pieces like so many other toy trucks for sale today. If you still want realistic looking fire trucks that are very detailed scale models of real life fire trucks you should checkout the Bruder fire trucks. But I warn you, Bruder fire trucks are very detailed but they are not built tough like Tonka and will  are more delicate and will not stand rough and rigorous playing at the hands of small kids.

1) Tonka Classics Fire Truck

tonka fire truck

This is the Tonka Classics fire truck. It is the current version of the original classic Tonka steel fire trucks which Tonka is famous for. However it seems Tonka no longer makes toy trucks purely out of steel. Like the rest of the current Tonka trucks this one is made out of steel and plastic. Despite it people say this Tonka definitely stands up to the regular abuse any kid can dish out.

Measuring approximately 19.5 inches long and 13.5 inches high, this Tonka truck’s got an authentic look of a fire engine. It comes with an extendable, swiveling ladder at the top with a small pivoting bucket–ideal for kids to position imaginary firefighters who battle with the fires. It has also got two removable ladders that can slide into slots on either side of the truck. It’s deep-cleated plastic tires make this a toy truck playable equally at home on the backyard dirt pile or the carpeted family room floor. Last I checked you can get this toy fire truck at a discounted price on Amazon.com


2) Tonka Mighty Motorised Fire Engine

fire truck tonka

The Tonka Mighty Motorized Fire Engine is an action-packed, battery operated toy fire truck with an exciting motorized ladder, working doors, and realistic lights and sounds. Some people call this truck or the Tonka Titans Fire Rescue truck as the Tonka Fire Rescue Truck, because of the prominently visible Tonka Fire Rescue label on the truck ladder or body.

This toy fire truck is fully equipped with several control levers and switches. Pull a lever and you make the ladder rotate on its own as well as move up and down. Its also got working doors to open and close and a removable side ladder. The 2011 version in the picture here requires 3 “AA” alkaline batteries (included). This and the Tonka Titans Fire Rescue truck are sometimes called

With all this features it’s still very strong and sturdy, able to withstand the rough play and handling by kids. Like the Tonka classic trucks this is also for sale at a discount price on Amazon.com


3) Tonka Strong Arm Fire Engine

Third in our list of Tonka toy fire trucks is the Tonka Strong Arm fire engine. It toy fire truck

has an over-sized strong arm lever for cranking which inspired its name. Kids can pull it and rev-up the lever and watch the sparks fly in the arm’s window as a siren wails. It is part of Tonka’s strong arms series of toy trucks, its a free-wheeling, manual operated toy fire engine that requires no battery. On top of those features is the ladder which can be moved and extended and has got big tires that allows kids to play with it to their hearts content, both indoors as well as outdoors. All in all, I think its a very durable product and is available for sale at a reasonable price.


4) Tonka Mighty Strong Arms Fire Truck

tonka fire engine

The Mighty Tonka Strong Arms truck is a slightly different version of the Tonka Strong Arm truck we discussed above. Just like the other Tonka Strong Arm trucks, you can pull the lever to watch sparks fly and activate the engine’s siren. You can also squeeze and pull the “Strong Arm” lever to raise the ladder. With a diamond-plate design, six over-sized wheels and pivoting rescue bucket this is one ultimate toy fire truck. Product Dimensions are 9 x 28 x 9.2 inches.

As I write this only a few of these longer Strong Arms were available on sale at Amazon for about the same price as the smaller Strong Arm fire truck!


5) Tonka Lights & Sound Fire Engine By Funrise

funrise toy fire truckThe Funrise Tonka fire engine is a free-wheeling lights and sound making toy fire truck that comes complete with opening doors and a realistic extending ladder. It is a quite captivating toy truck that fuels kids’ imagination and keeps them playing for  hours. However I think you should note that this not actually built by Tonka. It is a Tonka licensed toy fire truck made by a company called Funrise.  Some people have said that the extendable latter should be rotated using the electronic switch only and when their kids tried to rotate it manually it breaks. However kids still seem to love it even when parts of it like the ladder or hose come off. So you might want to read all the customer review about this truck and check it out thoroughly before buying it. After all it is only a little bit cheaper than the other fire truck toys I discussed above.

6) Tonka Titans Fire Rescue Truck

tonka fire rescue truckAlso known as the Tonka Fire Rescue Truck this one is a very long and impressive looking big fire engine. So it is very popular and sells a lot.

Its got realistic lights & sounds using two “AA” batteries and comes with a equally long, extendable ladder that swivels from left to right and moves up and down. Like the Tonka Lights and Sound fire truck we saw above, this truck is also made by Funrise.

However, customers who bought it because of its size are complaining in Amazon and other places that this Tonka Titans fire truck is disappointing, not very durable, is overpriced, no opening & closing doors and that its only motorized parts are 3 buttons that make different sounds! So check it well and make sure you are satisfied with what it has on offer if you want to buy this Tonka Titans fire engine. Personally I like its size and think it might be alright if its for a bigger kid or teenager who looks after his toys well and would like to have a long, long fire truck like this to display on his toy rack.

7) Tonka Radio Rescue Fire Engine

tonka radio rescue fire truck

The final fire engine in our list of comes with a different kind of feature.

Called the Tonka Radio Rescue Fire Engine it comes complete with a walk i-talki like hand-held radio you see police and rescue personal using in their missions. Kids can use this hand-held radio to record their commands and instructions and play-back when they are engaged in rescue missions. The hand-held can even be plugged into the fire engine’s cab compartment for storage.

The truck itself is a free-wheeling toy vehicle for kids to push, pull and play. It has also got Hyper-Lighting lights, realistic emergency sounds and a movable ladder which allows for more exciting imaginative play. Available in most stores including Amazon to buy now.

Please Note: 

Your comments encourage me to write more about Tonka toy trucks.  So if you buy any Tonka fire truck, please share your thoughts, experiences and questions in the below comments. Thank you.

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  2. Thank you for having taken the time to review these toys.

  3. Sonny Sacharow

    Very interesting that you would write on these Tonka trucks. So, here’s the story from me. My wife and I were enlisted to provide toys for a very under priviledged small church. They have no money! We are not wealthy but decided to do what we could. The pastor told us they have about 50 children ranging in age from babies to 12 and 13 year old’s. My wife and I are “garage sale-aholics”. Starting in late Sept, we spent about $150 out of pocket, and acquired over $1000 in toys, most with tags still on them, or 99% new along with 6 bicycles that I restored to new condition. Well, one lady donated her teen age sons Tonka Metal Dump truck in used but great condition. Along the way were several ‘up scale’ Goodwill stores and at the Goodwill stores found several Tonka large Fire trucks, a helicopter in perfect condition. Having had many Tonka trucks as a boy, I can relate to them, plastic or not. Most that I purchased were priced under $6. None are in the original boxes. So, here’s the question. I know these toy trucks are durable and should last but are they collectables for the future? My step son, who is now in his 40’s, never had a Tonka truck. Should they be kept for posterity and collector value? The children will have more Xmas presents then they could imagine, including over 100 large brand new stuffed animals and characters, rocking horses, dolls, baseball mitts and balls, and a huge selection of toys. Eager to hear your response. Thanks

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